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Tiny and Zonnique

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There’s no doubt that a parent’s actions will have implications on their children. Still, that rarely means that children should be held responsible for their parents foolishness.

Recently, Zonnique Pullins’ the daughter of singer, entrepreneur and reality tv star Tiny Harris and stepdaughter to rapper T.I., hosted an Instagram Live.

At this point, no one really knows what she was talking about because the purpose of the Live shifted when Zonnique accepted Instagram user, and known troll @nateclipsl, into the live.

He did not want to discuss anything about what she had going on. Instead, he wanted to discuss the numerous allegations of sexual abuse.

He entered the live hollering.

Nate Clips: I hear them down there screaming!

Zonnique: Baby…

Nate: Ain’t no baby. Free them people.

Zonnique: You feel better?

Nate: No I don’t feel better until them people are free. Freedom.

Zonnique: Go find ‘em.

Nate: They in your basement. Let em out.

Zonnique: I live by myself.

Nate: Well, I heard what I heard. I seen ‘em in the ATL picking up people. They picking up females, kids, dogs, cats,  and everything. I’m just letting you know tell your mother and father, stop picking up people in the ATL. Leave them the f*ck alone with their old a$$es and go about their m*thaf*ckin’ day. They picking up all them people.

Zonnique: You want to be picked up so bad.

Nate: I don’t want to be picked up. I’m so good. I do not need ride. I just find it crazy why y’all taking people for. That’s so f*cked up.

Eventually, she got him off the live. She claimed that she couldn’t get him off and out of her live without ending the whole thing so she just let him talk. Later, she apologized to the people who were still watching.

“I don’t know what he want me to do. He talking about they need to go to jail, well, baby, beat the case or something. I don’t know. N*ggas is okay over here.”

If you ask me, with as many allegations that have been lodged against T.I. and Tiny and the heinous nature of some of their encounters, I don’t doubt that there is validity to what their victims claim.

Still, what does that have to do with Zonnique?

Not only does she live away from her parents, I highly doubt she was privy to the details of their sex lives. It’s unfair to pose these types of questions to her. What do people want her to say? There’s no way she’s going to implicate or incriminate her parents on Instagram, confirming any type of allegations. And that’s not her place to do that. She’s not involved and wasn’t there.

Leave her alone.

Zonnique claims she’s good. And I hope that is the case. But the prospect of a parental figure going to jail is not one to be taken lightly and it’s not something to be thrown in someone’s face for internet fodder. It doesn’t help the victims. It doesn’t hold T.I. or Tiny accountable. And it couldn’t possible do additional harm to the people who are innocent in this situation, T.I. and Tiny’s children.

I know we can’t take the actions of a troll seriously, still I would hope that this behavior—people confronting T.I. and Tiny’s children, doesn’t become a pattern. If anything, they’re the innocent ones in all of this.

And Nate knew that. I’m sure being this bold with Zonnique, from the comfort of his own home, through a phone screen, was much more comfortable than saying those words to her face. Or better yet, speaking to the parties actually involved. I know for a fact that if Nate had a chance to speak to either T.I. or Tiny, his energy would have been entirely different. Zonnique was an easy target for him. There’s no honor in asking her to speak to this situation.

If T.I. and Tiny are found guilty, they will have to answer for their crimes but in the meantime, let’s leave the kids out of it.

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