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Eboni Williams is a lawyer, attorney and television host. And more than likely you’ll be hearing a name a lot more as she joins the cast of “Real Housewives of New York.” Ahead of her appearance on the show Williams appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show.” While there, she shared that she called off her engagement, after a four-year-relationship because her betrothed decided to quarantine with his children instead of her.

Wendy Williams: Are you still with your boyfriend?

Eboni: No, when I was here for Hot Topics, I actually had a ring on. I was engaged to be married. I started 2020 planning a wedding, deposits to vendors, a videographer, wedding planner. I was planning a wedding, a marriage, more importantly. And this quarantine, it made us tell the truth about our relationship.

Wendy: How long were you with him before quarantine?

Eboni: Almost four years.

Wendy: Did you live with him at the time of quarantine?

Eboni: I’ll tell you what happened, he actually did not quarantine with me. He has three children, two of which are young adults. And he chose to quarantine in New Jersey with his semi-adult children. And for me—listen I’m not a parent yet. I get that they’re number one. But I need to be number one. And I wasn’t number one so I needed to move on.

Wendy Williams: How long did it take you to move on once you realized he wasn’t going to quarantine with you?

Eboni: Six months. I was still holding out hope. We were doing the couples counseling and everything. He’s a lovely man. He just wasn’t for me. He was older, he had been there, done that. He didn’t want a new baby.

Wendy: That’s four years of your life you’ll never get back. 

Eboni: And big important ones, you know the thirties.

All of this is quite interesting and we have a few questions. What is a semi-adult? A teenager? If so, we can understand why he might have wanted to be there for his kids during this strange and uncertain time in history. Now, if they are teenagers, there’s a good chance they don’t live alone. So the question is was he staying with the mother of his children as well? That does raise a bit of concern. Ultimately, though I find it strange that a woman would date a man with kids and then be surprised when he prioritizes them—even at the expense of herself. A man who didn’t want to be around his children in the midst of a pandemic might not be the man you want to commit your life to.

What do you think about Eboni leaving her man because he quarantined with his children?

You can watch Eboni’s full interview with Wendy in the video below.


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