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Jacob MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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Last night, on Married at First Sight, the couples ventured off to their annual retreat in South Carolina to give them a chance to rest, relax and reflect before the walk into decision day next week. While there were moments where it was clear that the activities and exercises from Dr. Pepper seemed to bring all of the couples closer together, there were also moments where you could cut the tension with a knife. And you could feel it from all of the couples, no matter where you thought they might have stood before decision day. Let’s get into all of it on the following pages.


From the onset, it was clear that Jacob was going to be on his petty steez. I don’t know whose idea it was to travel separately. But it didn’t help the situation. It sparked miscommunication from the moment they arrived at the house that only grew as the weekend progressed. And when Jacob gets mad, his snark level is unmatched. It’s entertaining to watch but it also doesn’t do anything to help even maintain a cordial relationship with Haley.

He and Haley did have one good moment where they wrote about each other’s good qualities. Focusing more on the positive than what they don’t like about one another might not have been enough to save their marriage but it would have gone a long way in preventing quite a few of their arguments and childish back and forth.

Even at the end of the weekend, traveling separately was an issue. Jacob, who complained about a lack of communication from Haley earlier in the trip, dipped out without saying a word to anyone in the house. It was rude.


I don’t know why Haley was upset that Jake made himself something to eat when he got to the house. He was hungry and he didn’t want to wait—especially when he didn’t know when everyone else was going to arrive. It wasn’t a big deal, especially since him eating her food couldn’t mean all that much for these two who have been so disconnected. Then she tried to pretend like she was offended that he didn’t help her. This is the same woman who refused to give that man a hug. Why would he think he would be invited to stand next to her in a small kitchen.

Haley just looks for ways to complain about Jacob’s character. Neither one of them is innocent in terms of how they’ve contributed to the dissolution of the marriage but the difference is Haley is rarely ever ready to accept responsibility for her wrongdoing.

The fact that Viriginia had to tell her that she was being mean—and her reaction to that revelation—let us know that baby girl was not ready for this experiment.

They did have a good moment playing the game with the other couples. For as much as they can’t stand one another, they do know a lot about the other person. The fact that they do know so much and have already checked out, shows that it’s a wrap.


I understand that Vincent was afraid but we’ve all seen him mentally psyche himself out of activities where he feels he won’t look cool. I do appreciate the fact that he eventually did ride the horse. And I’m sure Briana did as well. It was a huge step and honestly, refusing to do so could have had a negative impact on the rest of the weekend. Still, it is alarming that he’s not willing to try a lot of new things. Even after the horseback riding where things went well, he still offered her a list of all the things he wasn’t willing to do. For someone who wants an adventurous partner, it’s a little annoying. Like his friend advised him in the first couple of weeks, Vincent has got to stop overthinking things.


Vincent needs to open up but I do think springing things on people who you know are a bit more cautious and reserved is a tad inconsiderate. In a marriage you really do have to consider the other person’s feelings. And getting a temperature check on how Vincent felt about horses she could have either prepared him more beforehand or picked an activity they both would have enjoyed. You can’t go through a marriage pulling people along for activities they do not want to do. It breeds resentment. And quiet as it’s kept, Briana can still have her life of adventure with friends and family. She might just have to leave Vincent at home sometimes. But I’d bet her doing her own thing would motivate him to be a bit more outgoing…just on his own time.


I’m happy to see and hear that the letter to Clara was a bit more heartfelt than what he’s written in the past. It’s more than we’ve seen from him the entire season and most importantly, it was good to see that Clara was moved by it.


Clara is putting it all out there. She loves coming home to Ryan, she’s being treated better than she has ever been before in past relationships and she “can’t wait to say yes on decision day.” Ooop Well there you have it. We all know that Ryan can’t match that level of passion and commitment…right now. But there is something admirable about putting yourself out there when you don’t know how it will end up. I’m worried for her though. I’m sure Clara sees so much more in Ryan than we do on the show but I do wonder if it’s enough. Also, she always seems to be so direct and honest with the other women about what she’s lacking in her marriage. And I wonder if she’s shared those same feelings with Ryan.


Y’all know Erik is not my favorite. For all of his relationship experience, including a whole marriage, his communication skills suck. Not to mention, he talks a big game but his actions rarely back it up. He says to Viriginia he’ll do anything to make her comfortable and happy in their life together but he hasn’t actually done anything. There have been no compromises on his part. He’s made no sacrifices. All he’s done is talk about ways in which he’s been disappointed by her not doing what he wants or expects. Erik is a master gaslighter. He says Viriginia criticizes him on camera when he does the same thing, in a much more biting way. He told producers, ‘I’m not one to give ultimatums’ But he’s always talking about what will make him leave, including them not having kids, her not moving into his house. I mean, the man had her crying over her own damn dog. It’s a mess.


Chile…I know Erik and Virginia are in lust or like right now. But I don’t see how it’s sustainable. I think Clara identified it correctly as infatuation. I completely understand her not wanting to move into Erik’s condo—regardless of his ownership status. Still, it’s clear that she entered into this process not entirely willing to compromise either. How does she think Erik is going to live with her two cats sleeping in their bed every night when the man is allergic? Sis, make it make sense. I know Erik is not your number one right now, after just a little over a month. But still, prioritizing your cats sleeping on top of you over Erik’s ability to sleep comfortably at night—without a second thought—might speak to the fact that she’s just not ready. And honestly, being that Erik is her choice, I’d advise her to walk away and enjoy the rest of her twenties.

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