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Source: Courtesy of Elina Organics / Elina Organics

When it comes to our faces, the wintery weather of the colder months can leave us with dull, dehydrated, and rougher skin than we’d like. Luckily, Elina Organics’ Cranberry, Rose & Honey Exfoliator claims to help banish those issues and reveal your glowy springtime skin.

At $48 for a 1 oz. bottle, the brand claims that the fresh and handmade product uses plant-based ingredients and an abundance of antioxidants (such as Vitamin C, B, and beta-keratin) to nourish and reduce fine lines. More specifically, the exfoliator was described as having manuka honey extract to hydrate the skin, crushed rosehips and cranberries to gently polish and fade discoloration, and fruit enzymes to remove excess dead skin cells and soften your skin’s appearance.

While using the product, I tried it as both a face scrub and a face mask. Its consistency was a bit runny — and upon opening the bottle I quickly realized that I had to be cautious of holding it level so that none of it would spill over and out. You can definitely tell that it’s more on the handmade and less artificially processed side, but that’s something I personally really appreciated. While it wasn’t vicious, I will say that the honey gave it a stickiness that helped it go on the skin well and “hold it” where it was applied so it wasn’t running down my face and neck. Although you can feel little granules from what I assume were the rosehip powder and rye seed extract in its formula, the product’s scrub wasn’t too harsh on the skin and it genuinely felt like a “gentle polish” as its description suggested.

What I loved most about the product were its results. After my first use in particular, the skin on my face was noticeably brighter and less dull which confirmed for me that the exfoliator will be one of my nourishing go-to products for the summertime. As an important note, the first time I used it I absent-mindedly ended up leaving it on my face for around 20 minutes while I did some cleaning up around the house. Even though the product recommends leaving it on for three to five minutes before washing it off a couple of times a week, I knew that personally my skin would be okay with the extra time it sat on — especially since it didn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. As far as the other times I used it within a two week period, the times I left it on my skin ranged anywhere from three minutes to ten minutes, and I found that after giving my skin a scrub with it and allowing it to sit — my skin overall showed a healthy glow lasting even on the days after I would use it.

With all that in mind, I think the Elina Organics Cranberry, Rose & Honey Exfoliator is definitely worth a try, especially since the slightly runny formula will help it last you a good portion of the warmer months. To find it for purchase, click here.

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