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Following the social media posts Jordyn Woods and Skai Jackson made yesterday addressing rumors that the latter had a beef with Woods’ younger sister Jodie, Jackson’s mother Kiya Cole is now sharing her two cents on all the drama and calling out the alleged source of all the rumors, TikToker Mia J.

Within the last 24 hours, the drama between the Woods sisters and Jackson blew up online following a post made by Jordyn where she called out an unnamed person for bullying Jodie and made it clear that she wasn’t going to “let it slide” anymore. With a quickness, users began naming Jackson as the bully and rumors spread that the beef was over 16-year-old Julez Smith — who’d been romantically linked to Jackson in the past but is now rumored to be dating Jodie. Initially unbeknownst to many, as this story spread it became more and more clear that TikTok user Mia J had been the one spilling all the alleged drama and making it known to the public.

Addressing the rumors and Jordyn’s video yesterday, Jackson denied ever having any issues with Jodie in the past and additionally said that the whole story about her bullying the 14-year-old was “fake news.” Now, in a more recent update, Jackson’s mother also decided to comment on the drama involving her daughter via a series of clips on her Instagram Stories. In addition to echoing Jackson’s feelings of being over the drama, and standing by her daughter’s innocence in the whole fiasco, Cole mentioned that she would have no problem taking legal action against Mia J if the TikToker didn’t stop reporting on the story.

“Here we go again with the B.S.” Cole began in her Stories. Addressing Jordyn’s video first, she continued, “Let me just say this, the whole ‘Let it slide, let it slide’ — if that was regarding Skai there’s nothing to let slide, number one.” Speaking on what she knew about the situation as Jackson’s mother, she explained, “Cause Skai never had a problem with Jodie Woods. As far as I know, Skai’s only said cute and positive things about Jodie Woods. That’s all I’ve ever heard about the young girl.”

Concerning the TikToker, she continued, “So here we go with the bulls–t, cut it out. I don’t know who this Mia J — whatever her name is — that’s been riding Skai’s jock for how long now? Putting up your little blogs, little stories, and using ‘allegedly’ so you can play it safe. Let me tell you something,” she said sternly. “The bottom line is, the evidence of you trying to extort Skai for money is out there. And I will have no problem making sure you get sued for extortion.”

“I have never come on my Story or Live and been outspoken like this before,” the mother said openly. “And the reason I’m doing it now is because I’m fed up. I feel like anytime there’s some time we’re quiet — or I’ll just say Skai’s quiet — here goes someone else trying to paint her out to be something she’s not. Look, ain’t no child the same. We all know this. And I’m that mother that will drag their kid by the neck if they get into some dumb mess, so I don’t play that. Skai isn’t a bully, she’s never been a bully, and she knows how it feels to be bullied. That’s why she wrote a book about it and put a large portion of that in her book,” Cole said of her daughter’s experience. “So stop with the false narrative — and this Mia J, seriously?”

As the Stories on the topic came to an end, Cole emphasized that their family have known the Woods for years now, even though she hasn’t met Jodie personally. According to her, Jackson has genuinely never said something negative to her about the Jodie — and that should mean something considering the fact that they’re a close mother and daughter duo.

“We’ve known Jordyn and her family for quite some years now,” Cole said. “I’ve known and seen Jordyn a few times — sweet girl — sweet woman I should say. She’s a young lady. Her mother — very sweet. I’ve never met little Jodie, I know Skai has. Like I said, as far as I know I’ve never heard Skai say anything negative to me about Jodie — and we talk about everything okay? Yes, I’m a mother. But I’m also her best friend. And no she does not have an older sister to take up for her and defend her but she shouldn’t need to because she’s almost 19. But I’m going to speak up and say it’s lies okay?”

Clearly, Jackson and her mother aren’t playing around when it comes to any of the content Mia J has been putting out on this whole alleged love triangle that the actress is in. In her defense, the content creator recently addressed the extortion claims and said that she created the videos on Jackson’s situation within her rights as a part of a “creator fund” and that she offer Jackson the opportunity to promote her music instead of paying her $3000 — which she claims the actress agreed to but never did.

What do you think — was Cole right for speaking on all the ongoing drama?

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