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Waka Flocka is speaking out after people debated whether he was hypocritical or simply showing growth after being supportive of daughter Charlie’s relationship with a girl despite past comments regarding the LGBTQ community.

The rapper, who received a lot of praise for being there for his stepdaughter during her quinceanera, found out that Charlie wanted to bring a girl, her girlfriend at the time, as her date during a recent episode of Waka & Tammy. Instead of having a negative reaction, which was the assumed stance, he seemed fine with it. Speaking about it further during a recent interview, he said it was important to handle things with care.

“[If] I approach it like a strong-minded male, it would run her away,” he said during a visit to The Mix. “Charlie probably thought I was gonna act like King Kong, but it’s cool.”

When a co-host of the show said that her receiving acceptance from him could be inspiring to other young girls “going through” similar things in regards to their sexuality, Waka corrected him.

“Charlie ain’t going through sh-t. She don’t hide anything…she’s her. I made sure that Charlie’s her so at the end of the day. Her happiness is everything,” he said.

“She didn’t have to come out. She was never hiding,” he continued. “If we was hiding it would have never been on television.”

He added of being there for Charlie, “You can’t think about what a blog gon’ say, what a person gon’ say because at the end of the day, that’s your child, your child’s feelings.”

While people were glad to hear Waka’s stance and care for his daughter, others said he would need to address past comments he made about the LGBTQ community before taking him seriously. He has said not-so-great things in regards to transgender people (“They’re marketing young girls, transgenders, like, they’re marketing evil, man. It’s really evil.”) and had some thoughts about Dwyane Wade’s support of daughter Zaya last year.

“I’m not gonna tell nobody to wait and how to deal with your kids and anybody’s sexuality, but why is there headlines about it?” he said during an interview, noting that Zaya making headlines could influence other children who might want to become famous or get attention to try and be just like the teen.

“All this community stuff they’re starting to do…it’s just getting marketed,” he said, seemingly of the trans community. “It’s like recruiting ni–as like the navy.”

All that being said, his softened tone isn’t impressing some, including popular Internet personality Zoie Fenty who said in a video, “Now that it’s your own…This is why I tell people, be careful how you talk about people and their children ’cause one day you gon’ have to deal with it.”

Others chimed in online to criticize the rapper, and he shared some clips responding.

“LGB, whatever the f–k, y’all ni–as ain’t bullyin nobody, bruh,” he said. “What I’m gonna say is I’m finna support my daughter. Y’all stop running with this narrative that she’s coming out because she ain’t never hide from nothing. And she ain’t no ‘face,’ no ‘spokesman,’ no nothing. She’s living her f–kin’ life. That’s all it need to be. Cut it out. That sh-t lame.

He then criticized “2021 adults” for feeling comfortable to talk about kids — or really, just his kid, before saying that he’s not in support of anything, but just being there for his child like a parent should be.

“Serious question for y’all. Are you raising a teenager? Are you a parent? Do you know how it feel? I’m not supportive of nothing, this is my daughter,” he said. “The word supportive don’t matter when you’re a parent because you’re automatically doing that. Y’all tripping man.”

For the record, Waka’s wife and Charlie’s mom, Tammy Rivera, chimed in to respond to Zoie with some questions for the Instagram star.

“Are people allowed to grow? Are people allowed to change? It seems like you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” she said. She then criticized him for allegedly trying to turn a positive representation of a father’s love for his daughter into something else.
“You still try to find the negativity out of something so positive,” she said. “I don’t understand.”
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