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Source: Courtesy of Dove x Brother Vellies / Dove x Brother Vellies

In their latest collaboration, Dove has partnered with fashion designer Aurora James of Brother Vellies to introduce Beauty Retreat – a launch inspired by their new Hair Therapy Collection and includes carefully designed products and limited-edition accessories to address common hair issues such as breakage, hydration, and dry scalp. Dove stylist Ursula Stephen recently spoke with Madame Noire about how the new collaboration came together and shared details on the Hair Therapy Collection’s three unique sets.

“The collaboration was born out of our latest launch which is Dove’s Hair Therapy Collection,” Stephen told us. Speaking on how James’ brand Brother Vellies had a commitment to high quality which was something they shared with Dove, the partnership seemed to be an organic fit. She added, “James and her team were inspired by the meticulous detail put into our collection and wanted to co-create corresponding hair accessories with the Brother Vellies signature level of craftmanship.”

Discussing what was special about the Beauty Retreat Collection as opposed to any other collaboration Dove has done before, the stylist emphasized the silk fabric James used to create the accessories — which include a scrunchie, a pillowcase, and a scarf. Stephen said, “The Beauty Retreat Collection is stunning, I love how it really marries hair care and self-care. James was intent on creating hair accessories that not only look beautiful as a fashion statement but also offer an easy way to weave in a moment of self-care into your everyday routine.”

“Silk was the perfect material for these accessories since it’s an exceptionally great fabric to help protect the hair and skin,” she added on the benefits of James’ fabric choice. “Because of the incredibly smooth surface of it — especially compared to cotton or linen — silk helps reduce friction on your hair while you sleep. Because friction can lead to breakage or frizz, when the Beauty Retreat Collection was created every element of each accessory was dissected from the type of silk used, to the construction, to the stitching — all ensure the best care for your hair.”

We also spoke on the best parts of Dove’s Hair Therapy Collection’s three different lines. Stephen noted that when it came to the Breakage Remedy set, the Nutrient-Lock serum in its formula was its best asset. She explained, “The Nutrient-Lock Serum is a unique blend of amino acids, conditioning actives, and dipeptides from yeast proteins that penetrate the hair fiber beneath the surface to boost your hair’s strength. That being said, it’s amazing for really strengthening hair from crown to tip — helping to prevent future breakage.”

On the Hydration Spa Set she said, “Personally, I love its shampoo and conditioner because you can actually see and feel a difference in your hair’s hydration after just one use. Let me tell you — it’s made with Hyaluronic Serum which is a skincare ingredient that provides hydration. As a hair care ingredient, it gets the same job done and the one in our set specifically creates a lipid barrier around your hair to lock in hydration for 24 hours.”

As far as the Dry Scalp Care set, she detailed how its formula ensures a more moisturized scalp and offered some top tips for using the line. According to her, “The set is formulated with Vitamin B3 which is another very common skincare ingredient known to protect the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture.” Additionally, she shared that in this set the vitamin, “works to protect the skin on our scalp which reduces dryness.”

“My number one tip for using the set is to use all three Dry Scalp Care products together as a system,” she added. Explaining why they’re best used in combination, she continued, “When used together, they’re clinically proven to reduce scalp dryness. Another tip for this set is pairing it with a silk pillowcase like the beautiful Beauty Retreat one created by James for Brother Vellies. After treating your scalp to premium care with our Hair Therapy Collection, you don’t want to undo all that by sleeping on a pillowcase that could irritate your scalp and damage your strands. Essentially, a silk pillowcase will help soothe your scalp and keep it hydrated while you sleep all while preventing breakage.”

No matter which set you choose Stephen emphasized that your hair will be in for a big dose of moisture. As a last tidbit of advice for those of us with textured hair she wrapped up our interview by saying, “Think about it — we spend so much time perfecting our skincare regimens and taking careful steps every day to make sure our skin is properly cleansed, moisturized, and cared for. To be honest, we should think of our hair care the same way since the scalp is made of skin and needs the same level of attention. The entire Hair Therapy Collection is suitable for all hair types and if you’re one of my textured hair girls, I recommend opting for the Hydration Spa or Dry Scalp Care sets because of the moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Serum. Moisture is so important for maintaining the health of textured hair — and overall the Hair Therapy Collection really delivers on that front.”

The Beauty Retreat Collection including all the luxurious and limited edition Brother Vellies silk accessories can be purchased here — and Dove’s Hair Therapy Collection can be found at both Target and Walmart.

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