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Vegan Buffalo Wings Made of Cauliflower Florets with BBQ-Sauce

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Vegetables provide plenty of fiber, and a diet high in fiber is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease as well as obesity. Vegetables are also high in antioxidants, can have anti-inflammatory effects, and can help regulate appetite thanks to their blood sugar normalizing properties. It’s no wonder dietary guidelines state that half of your plate should be vegetables. But that recommendation may come as an unwanted one to some who don’t like foods that come from the ground or trees. Let’s be real: sugar, carbs, and cheese are where it’s at when it comes to flavor. You can usually trust kids to be honest and tell it like it is, and what do we know about kids? They think veggies are gross. You have to pull out every stop and try every trick to get them to like vegetables. And there are adults who feel the same and need the same things to enjoy greens and more.

Maybe all of your parents’ tricks didn’t work on you, and you just never came around to enjoying vegetables. Unfortunately, your health can’t afford a veggie-free diet. So while mom and dad’s ploys to cover your broccoli in cheese or dip all of your celery in ranch may not have worked, perhaps you’ll like some of these more grownup recipes that could help you truly enjoy vegetables.

a vegetarian recipe

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A very colorful pizza

Even if you do eat gluten, you might still like a cauliflower crust pizza. The beauty of these pizzas is that, even if you go with all meat and cheese for your toppings, you’re guaranteed to get servings of vegetables because of the crust. That being said, this veggie cauliflower pizza recipe is loaded with plants throughout, between the asparagus, mushrooms, and peas. Keep in mind peas provide some protein, too, so they can help fill you up. You still get your traditional cheese from the ricotta and mozzarella, and then you get even more green from the basil in the pesto sauce.

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