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If you’ve never listened to T.S. Madison on the now defunct “The Queen’s Supreme Court” or anywhere else where she may have appeared, then you’re missing out. Sis is a dynamic personality with biting opinions, fascinating stories and a hilarious wit.

Now, she’s taking those talents to WE tv in a new show bearing her name: “The TS Madison Experience.”

In anticipation of her new show, T.S. Madison recently sat down with The Jasmine Brand to share some more of her life story. They discussed a very traumatic part of her life when Madison recalled being raped at gunpoint.

“He stole my money, raped me at gunpoint, was going to kill me, left me naked. That was a very traumatic thing for me. I was really afraid but I’m able to tell a joke about it now, to make people laugh. I make them laugh but I make a point of telling them how dangerous it is and how detrimental it is. What’s so important for me is I have the opportunity now to go forth, in the world, and create spaces for myself, which opens doors for other trans women, other people of LGBT+. Open doors so we don’t have to deal in these dark paths or go in those spaces. If you are in those spaces of sex work or hustling for your money, you take ownership of it and you don’t let it defeat you.

So I really thank God for allowing me to have this space to be able to do these things now.”

On Pierre’s Panic Room, Madison shared that was far from the only scary thing that she’d experienced as a sex worker.

“Many crazy things have happened to me. Lots of life threatening situations. I remember I was kidnapped. I was in the car with a gentleman and I told the dude, ‘Sir, do not park over here.’ And he said, ‘Come on baby, this gon be quick. I want to suck it really quick.’ I was like, ‘Baby, do not park here the spirit is telling me.’—The spirit has always been with me. So we park and I lean back because I’m going to get me me. He’s performing. And as he was performing, I was like, ‘The grass is moving.’ You know how people do that guerilla sh*t where they crawl on the ground. He showed up with a sawed off shot gun and said, ‘B*tch, don’t move!’ I was like, ‘Oh God, I told this man don’t f*cking do this sh*t. So the man (her date) looked back at the man with the gun. He said get your [f word] out this car. Give me all your money, your jewelry. Then he said, ‘She got all the money.’

The robber is the one who raped her at gunpoint, in a field and then left her there.

You can watch her recount the story in the video below.


T.S. Madison also spoke about her stint doing adult films and spoke about how the people making money off of all the talent were predominately white men.

“A lot of those girls died broke or died still trying to make a living for themselves. And if I’ve never taught any girl anything out here in the world, it’s to take ownership of your Black skin. Know that your Black is beautiful and your Black is powerful. Own it. Own your Black.”

You can watch this portion of her interview in the video below.

“The TS Madison Experience” airs Thursday at 10pm on WE tv.

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