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Rx Hair Naturals

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Finding a hair-care brand that promotes growth can be burdensome when you don’t know where to look. You can search for one at Target or a local beauty supply store, but it won’t make a difference unless you understand what additives make a product effective for progressive results. From my experience, no other company breaks down that concept better than a Black-owned one. With a growing number of Black women launching these businesses presently, there’s a market of consumers who are ready to support brands that are owned by women who look like and can relate to them.

Although your first instinct is to click “place order” when you hear of a Black-owned hair brand, a little background check couldn’t hurt. Checking if their product reviews are mostly positive or seeing social media influencers promoting it can narrow down which brands are trustworthy. However, the main ingredients of a hair-care line are the determining factor that will either sway you to the shopping cart or off their website. After a little online digging to find the best of the best, we’ve comprised a list of 10 Black-owned hair-care brands that are all about helping you grow your locks. Find out what’s in their products that’s a winner.

Full of Beauty Bar Hair Growth Oil

There’s more to the hair growth process than hot oil treatments and cutting split ends. It requires a breathable scalp and products that include beneficial ingredients for natural hair textures, especially if you want to see results within weeks. The Full of Beauty Bar Hair Growth Oil, created by Founder Joanna Mensah, is composed of organic oils and natural herbs that build a protective hair layer while preventing hair loss. As you massage this product into your hair follicles, it balances your scalp pH, fights against hair loss, and ameliorates your scalp pores for an increased hair gain outcome.


Glowry Healthy Hair Growth Oil

There is a selection of pure oils that are commonly known for enhancing natural hair. The Glowry Healthy Hair Growth Oil happens to be made with seven of them. Produced from natural vitamins and organic oils, this product improves the amount of moisture your hair achieves while strengthening hair strands. It is conveniently applied with an applicator that allows you to control how much you want to place on your scalp. According to The Curl Bible, where this product is available, you don’t have to administer a large portion to see results. With just a few drops, your hair can absorb every component of this item to achieve healthy hair.

Cousin Curlz Super Growth Oil

Moisture is an important factor for all hair types when it comes to maintainable hair. The Cousin Curlz Super Growth Oil consists of Vitamin E and essential oils that saturate your hair regardless of how thick or loose your texture is. For women with kinky coils, this product softens their curls with minerals and natural herbs. Cha-Mecca White, the Founder of Cousin Curlz, created this product with versatility in mind. In addition to using it at room temperature, this product can also be used for a hot oil treatment in the comfort of your home. The Super Growth Oil is effective for men, women, and children, making wash day a family hair care affair.

TRU Balance Hair Care Follicle Booster Lux Set

Among women in the Black community, the edges are either flourishing, drenched in edge control jam or thinning due to consistent tension from tight hairstyles. Your edges deserve the same attention and care that is given to the rest of your scalp. TRU Balance Hair Care Follicle Booster Set comes with the BLOOM Hair Growth Oil and Follicle Booster Balm that repairs damaged edges. The two products work together to stimulate blood flow and moisturize hair follicles to restore hair loss in the problematic area. The growth oil can be applied throughout the scalp as a portion of growth balm about the size of your finger tip melts along your edges. When used a few times a week, this product set results in longer, healthier hair.

Kenn Hair Elixir

Having a product that was designed specifically for Black women can bring comfort to consumers who are searching for hair growth items. Kenn, the hair-care brand that is named after the founder, produced a hair Elixir that is made of antioxidants, vitamins, and other ingredients that stimulate hair growth. With multi-purpose oils like coconut oil and organic olive oil and infused with additional natural components, the stimulating hair elixir provides nourishment to your scalp. The protein within the hair elixir supports areas of the hair that suffer from shedding and baldness. Compatible with all hair types, the hair elixir adds a natural shine when it is massaged throughout the hair strands.

Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops

When you hear of miracles, you don’t expect them to be accessible at a Target near you. And yet, Kaleidoscope made it possible with their popular Miracle Drops, available at Sally Beauty and smaller beauty supply stores. Applied properly, this product from Jesseca Dupart, fights against hair loss while stimulating the hair follicles. A few drops between two to five times a week is suggested to allow the oils within the Miracle Drops to do their job. While the tea tree oil alleviates dry scalp, the aloe leaf extract prevents breakage. If you’re a person who likes to monitor your results, then taking a before and after picture for a duration of six weeks is recommended (according to the Kaleidoscope website).

Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend

There’s nothing like a hair-care product that can do it all for the price of one. Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend can be used as a sealant, moisturizer, and hot oil treatment to strengthen your hair. Its lightweight composition makes it possible to be an everyday oil to mix with a leave-in conditioner or use alone. This product is made of natural oils, such as almond and jojoba, which hydrate your scalp and provide nutrients to your hair. When used for a post-washing routine, applying it to damp hair seals in moisture along the hair strands. Combined with curl creams or leave-in conditioners, the Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend softens your hair texture.

Rxhair Moringa Oasis Hair and Beard Oil

For the ladies living with their man, having a product that benefits you and your beau can save you from future arguments about who finished the other’s hair product. Rxhair Moringa Oasis Hair and Beard Oil moisturizes the scalp and skin with traces of vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron mixed with a combination of essential oils. This multi-purpose hair oil can be a catalyst for an intimate moment between you and your partner. Picture yourself massaging your man’s beard as he massages your scalp with the same hair oil that prevents DHT from hanging onto your hair follicles. As a unit, you both can achieve hair growth with a shiny finish.

Mauvelle Guava and Pomegranate Trio

Before buying a set of hair products, you want to make sure that they all help you achieve the same goal: hair growth. Mauvelle’s Guava and Pomegranate Trio include a leave-in conditioner, hair oil, and curl cream that support healthy hair. This trio can be added to a hair routine or wash day after the use of hair cleansing products. Composed of natural oils and ingredients including flax seed, the leave-in conditioner can be used as a detangler before styling your hair. Followed by the natural hair oil massaged into the scalp, the curl cream can be finger combed throughout your hair to give your coils some extra bounce.

Glammed Naturally Oil

Source: Glammed Naturally Oil / GLAMMED NATURALLY OIL

Glammed Naturally Oil

If you’ve ever supported a hair brand because of its backstory then you might want to have your credit card out for this one. After experiencing hair loss as a result of anemia and later on due to postpartum alopecia years ago, Jummie Ogunyemi created Glammed Naturally Oil to provide a solution for women who might be experiencing shedding. Glammed Naturally Oil for hair growth promotes stronger hair strands with ingredients that build thicker hair. Made of 100 percent essential oils, the blended hair product restores bald spots and prevents breakage. For maximum results, massage a small amount into your scalp daily.

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