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If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a man who doesn’t know how to move on peacefully after a breakup. Just pack your things and go. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, be mature, recognize that this is a part of life and keep it pushing.

But for some people, that can prove exceedingly difficult.

Apparently, that was the case for artist Sage The Gemini.

Recently, he posted a video of himself and reality star and influencer, Tokyo Vanity. The video, which has since been deleted, was captured by The Shade Room.

Now normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem. But Tokyo is very good friends with Wuzzam Supa (Supa Cent), Sage’s ex.

The video insinuates that he and Tokyo are still cool despite his breakup. And while that might not be the case in some relationships, Sage and Supa didn’t date long enough for him to have even been close enough to Tokyo to post something like this. It’s inappropriate. And worst of all, attention-seeking, which were some of the initial concerns folks had about Sage in the first place when we first learned he was dating Supa.

Immediately, Supa responded to the shenanigans of her ex.

“I can tell he never been slapped by a Nola b*tch before. He trying to insinuate something but I’ll wake the whole city up for playing with me. Let’s get it. [exclamation marks emoji]”

Then Tokyo Vanity spoke on the video herself, responding to the video.

“Once you gotta explain why you posted a post and all that,  you know what you posting is dead a$$ wrong. Because when I post my friends and when I post my potnas, I don’t have to explain that it’s my friend or my potna. You know you dead ass wrong for posting that post because you knew what the world was going to think. And if I’m really, really your friend, you wouldn’t have played with my character like that because you knew what the world was gon think.

And second of all, don’t play with my friend like that. Don’t come posting no posts of me trying to make this girl look crazy and make me look crazy, like I’m rocking like that. I’m not no weird, industry b*tch. I’m a real b*tch and you know that.”

Sage responded to her video.

“Naw honestly we just had a big ass heart to heart about you for standing up for yo people and I wanted to give you a shout out if Anybody really know me tok they know us as best friends you posted this before and I posted it before I put this on my daughters heart beat if I’m lying take my life now idek how this came to be crazy like this.”

Folks aren’t really trying to hear this. It was shady. So Sage released another video apologizing.

I don’t know whether Sage is sincere or not. If I had to bet money, it would be a no. Either way, he got the attention he ordered.

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