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None of us could have ever predicted that we would be confined to our homes for the majority of 2020. Although our long-term confinement was for a negative reason, one positive that has come out of all of this time spent indoors is a renewed interest in home improvement.

According to NPR, home improvement projects have surged dramatically since cities and states first issued lockdown orders last spring.

“This is all-time highs,” Max Anderson, chief economist at told the publication. “In terms of like measured history in the United States, this is the highest levels of, of home improvement spending we’ve ever seen.”

It makes sense why people would want to spruce up their homes considering that quarantine has forced us to spend so much more time inside. It’s easier to notice imperfections and things that you want to change. If you haven’t jumped on the home improvement bandwagon just yet, but you’ve been curious about some simple ways to give your home a face-lift without breaking the bank, look no further. Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to make your home look more lavish.

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1. Measure and position your curtains correctly

Two of the easiest ways to make your living space look small and cluttered are ill-fitting window treatments and curtains that have not been positioned correctly. As a rule of thumb, curtain rods should be positioned closer to the ceiling as opposed to just above the window. Doing so makes ceilings appear higher. Additionally, drapes should be long enough to dust the floor, which creates a more elegant appearance. Light, sheer panels are best because they maximize lighting.

“To achieve this look you don’t have to have custom curtains made,” Javier Fernandez, owner of and designer at Transitional Designs, told Insider. He added, “buy panels that are longer than you need and trim them from the bottom.”

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2. Select the right area rug

Area rugs help to define space, but the wrong area rug can both cheapen and shrink the appearance of your living space. According to HGTV, it is recommended that you choose a rug large enough to cover the length and width of your coffee table as well as extend beyond the front of your sofa.

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3. When in doubt, choose neutral colors

While adding pops of color can help to liven up a room, too many colors or the wrong color combination can yield disastrous results. Thankfully, you can never go wrong with a neutral color scheme. A neutral palette will always help your space to feel light, airy, and clutter-free.

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4. Less is more

When it comes to modern home decor, less is more. Taking a minimalist approach helps to reduce clutter and add value to any room.

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5. Large-scale artwork

As highlighted by The Spruce, paintings that cover most of a living room wall or extend the full width of a sofa can make bold statements while boosting the value of a room. For this move, you’ll want to opt for original art pieces as opposed to mass-produced screen printed pieces sold by major retail stores.

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