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You may have heard that December 21, 2020 marks a very special day in terms of the universe. Not only is it the beginning of the Winter Solstice, for the first time since 1226, according to CNN, Jupiter and Saturn will appear to align in the sky, looking like a double planet—something people are calling “the Christmas star.”

It marks an incredibly unique event in the universe. And one woman was certain that for Black folks, it would mean something particularly special.

BB—who goes by the name @Lottidot on Twitter, shared her insight on Twitter, about this day, December 21, 2020.

On December 5, BB wrote:

“As Black people, genetically we are stronger and smarter than everyone else, we are more creative, on December 21 our Real DNA will be unlocked and majority will be able to do things that we thought were fiction. Learn who u are as a people. They wanna make us average.”

The tweet blew up. It with Black folks’ penchant for hyperbole, it wasn’t long before Black folks were claiming that on December 21, we would be endowed with superpowers that had been our birthright all along.

This day was dubbed The #NegroSolsitice and Black folks all over the nation speculated about which type of powers they would receive.

In subsequent tweets, BB has shared that the powers will receive are less super and more like tapping into the innate power that we’ve always maintained.

She wrote:

“Get ya pens and paper ready, manifest y’all.” BB suggested writing in blue ink.

She also said, “Also meditate!!! Please turn your phone off for at least 15 minutes and really meditate and manifest.”

In an interview with Danielle Young, Iyanla Vanzant shared a more detailed and in depth analysis about what this day might mean for Black folks.

“This December 21, there are just things that are happening in the universe that are really aligning so that if you are conscious and if you are clear, you can really propel yourself forward in a very powerful way.”

But Vanzant was sure to mention that these powers wouldn’t “fall on us like snowflakes.” You already know she was going to instruct us to do our work.

“Winter, historically and spiritually is the most sacred of spiritual energies because everything is lying dormant. Everything is still. It’s not dead but it is rejuvenating. It is strengthening and empowering…If you’re waiting til January 1, you’re behind the eight ball. On December 21, the universe is wiping the slate clean, which means that whatever was holding you down, whatever you didn’t have—whatever, it’s done! And so from December 21, moving forward, you have the opportunity to create what you desire. Now, it’s winter. So you’ve got to create it within in order to see it without. You got to go in. Which is what corona was trying to teach us.

Go in. See it within, feel it within, create it within. Intentionality. Imagination. Envisioning so that as the seasons move forward you can begin to manifest what you desire.”

She said it’s less about what do you want to do and how do you want to be.

You can listen to Iyanla’s full in commentary in the video below.

And just for fun—because some of us have always wanted superpowers, check out the hilarious tweets Black people have been sharing on this special day.

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