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No one ever questioned the vocal ability of the R&B group Xscape. But if you know the history of the group, you know that there were more than a few comments about the group’s physical appearance. Rapper Biggie famously called them ugly.

And now, during an interview with “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan,” LaTocha Scott shared that she kicked off her health journey, working out and going vegan because she was tired of being called the big girl in the group.

Was it hard for her to make the transition?

It was not. Keep in mind, Claudia I was the big girl of the group Xscape. People would say, ‘The big girl can sing.’ I didn’t want that for my life. And my husband was like, ‘We’re going to start working out.’ He’s very brutally honest. And he said, ‘They’re saying all of these things about you Tocha but you can do something about them.’ So we just started working out. He loves working out. So he’s been my trainer since early on. And we’ve just been consistent.

We started reading labels and being like, ‘Wait a minute? What’s in this?’

It’s so crazy because people would eat my food and then when they go, they’ll ask questions. What’s this what did you put in it? And I’m like you guys are going to go to McDonalds or Burger King and you’re not going to ask what’s in it. But I think the vegan thing throws people off. It just means no dairy and no animal.

The weight

I think my highest weight was 190 pounds. And I’m a lot smaller than that. Everybody wants to be known for who they are—not big girl, skinny girl or anything else so I was determined to get out of that shadow and just focus on eating healthier.

How she felt being called the big girl.

It’s hurtful. Very hurtful. I came home a lot of nights crying. And that’s another reason my husband and I are as close as we are. Because he gave me that shoulder and he gave me the real. ‘Yeah, they’re saying this. I hear it. But you’re better than this. You’re beautiful. Inside and out. Once you realize that LaTocha, you’ll be fine.’ Every day we set goals. So he was very instrumental in me getting to LaTocha but it was very hurtful early on.


Winning over her non-vegan friends.

I don’t try to do anything. Any time my husband would invite someone over, I would just make the vegan dishes and they would have no idea. And then when they found out it was vegan, they were like, ‘Oh my God Tocha, you got something.’ The hardest person for me to win over was Tiny. This girl is so freaking picky. She said, ‘I don’t believe you. Come over the house and let me see what you got.’

So I made lasagna, spinach dip and then the vegan oatmeal cookies.

To this day, she called me a couple of days ago and said we got to do this restaurant.

I have a southern flare I put in my food. It’s the same way my mother did it, my grandmother did it. I just don’t use animals. That’s it.

If you’re interested in learning more about LaTocha’s vegan recipes, you can pre-order her coobook, LaTochas Planted Lifestyle, here.

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