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You can never estimate the limits to which people will go in pursuit of money. And Mary Cosby, one of the cast members on the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” did something very strange in marrying her step-grandfather Robert Cosby in order to gain access to her grandmother’s money, property and the church she led during her life.

We didn’t understand it when we wrote about it last week. This week on the episode of “RHSLC,” Cosby attempted to provide a bit more details and clarification but we’re still confused. ‘

See what she had to say about the marriage, how long it took her to have sex with her new husband, and how marrying Robert ruined her relationship with her mother.

Mary: I always say I have beauty in all my mess. The reality is that I am married to my grandmother’s second husband, which was my step-grandfather. Before she passed, she made it very clear that she wanted me to be the one to take her place in the church and inherit everything, that came with homes, money, our church and also marrying her husband.

Don’t think it wasn’t weird because it was. But I did it because I trusted my grandmother. And I’m so glad I did it.

In a conversation with another one of her cast mates, Cosby shared that she became estranged from her mother because she believed that she should have been the one to inherit her mother’s fortune and properties. And when she learned that her mother had left everything to Mary, her daughter. It didn’t bode well for the both of them.

“If something knocks you down, just get back up. And I learned that through my mom. I feel like she chopped my heart up. I put it back together, made a prettier one. (Mary shared that she was 19 when she and her mother disconnected.) It was hard in the beginning because that was my best friend. That’s who I went to dinner with. But then she did a switch. Money. It’s not money, it’s the love of it. It’s the root of evil.”

Further explaining the arrangement, Cosby said, “I’m not going to lie, it was all bizarre. I was actually 22 when we got married. It split our church. My mom had a fit because she wanted the church. She wanted my grandmother’s place. My mom felt like she was the one who should have been marrying Robert Sr.”

The producer for the show, cut Cosby off to ask if she and Robert slept with one another on their wedding night.

“No. Thank goodness I was on my period. And the period lasted at least two weeks. He was like, ‘Are you still on?’ I’m like, ‘Yup, I’m still on.’ It got awkward. I stretched it to like the 28th day. I had to get past that. I started to pray myself. I started to seek higher help myself. And it worked out so good. It couldn’t have been better.”

Honestly, there are so many questions I have from this story. Why did Mary have to get married to inherit her grandmother’s money? Did Robert and the grandmother marry for love or was it about wealth as well? How was Robert okay with sleeping with someone who had been his granddaughter?

I don’t know that I’ll ever get it. Either way, you can watch Mary discuss her marriage in the clip below.

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