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KeKe Palmer went and pissed off Black Twitter on Monday morning when she tweeted the following from her account:

“Imagine if your EBT card could only work on healthy food items,” she wrote.

While she’s since deleted the tweet, offering a differing statement that the intention behind her thought process was based in highlighting how difficult it is to purchase healthy food, it honestly didn’t far well in a moment where many people are still recuperating from a difficult year which stripped them of a sense of normalcy, some who lost family and friends, and the continued effort to regain small segments of joy whenever possible.

Food insecurity and assistance isn’t a hot take issue and should never be treated as such, especially when speaking on matters that disproportionately affect Black and brown people  toppling under multiple intersections of oppression. And even more when said takes come from celebrities who are on the privileged side of the spectrum.

Last month, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, where millions of families feel strained under the economic pressure of a pandemic recession, a federal judge blocked Trump’s plan to cut food stamps for 700,000 individuals. Not to mention low-income neighborhoods across the country are often located in food desserts, areas with little to no access of affordable healthy eating options.

These issues coupled with the accelerated decline of celebrity standom creates an environment where the dragging commences as soon as a cringey statement is published. With that said, Twitter is going to do what it does, and that’s execute a swift drag.

The actress is actively responding to her critics, while trying to explain herself. Comedian and activist Franchesca Ramsey replied to one of Palmer’s last explanations, pointing out why it was received with so much criticism.

“Hey love, it’s been said by others but I think you lost people by saying “could ONLY buy healthy food,” that only is doing a lot of heavy lifting. Despite your intentions it suggests EBT card holders shouldn’t be able to purchase “unhealthy” foods with the card,” Franchesca began.

“I think a convo about making “healthy” options more affordable, accessible & free is absolutely needed & I see in your follow ups that was the direction you’d hope the convo would take. Hope you’re able to understand why your original tweet missed the mark. Mistakes happen!”

It looks like Keke might be making a turn to understand why the tweet wasn’t received and seems focused on working with others to find a resolution.

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