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Life with judgmental people can truly be a drag, but the unfortunate reality is that they’re everywhere. Whether it be at work, family gatherings, mommy meet-up groups, church, or elsewhere, it’s almost impossible to escape judgemental people as they sit upon their proverbial high horses, looking down at everyone else as they self-righteously wag their fingers.

Judgemental people have no qualms about letting you know they disapprove of your choices or giving unsolicited advice about what they think you should have done instead. These folks and their condemnation know no limits as they will pick apart everything from your parenting approach to how you handle yourself during moments of grief to how woke they think you are. Of course, the natural reaction to people who are overly critical is to simply end the relationship. However, in many scenarios, this isn’t an easy decision and in some instances, it’s not even a possibility because these people are our colleagues, neighbors, or relatives that we love and care about deeply. So, how do you navigate relationships with judgmental people when cutting them off isn’t an option? Keep reading to find out.

Stop oversharing

When dealing with the self-righteous, one thing that you have got to learn how to stop doing is oversharing. For some of us, when we get really excited, comfortable, or we begin discussing a topic that interests us, the words start coming out like vomit and before you know it, you’ve shared entirely too much. Practice pausing during conversations to reflect before you share something or consider drafting a mental or physical list of personal subjects that you will not discuss with people outside of your immediate circle.

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