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Continued from last week

I would see Christian every once and a while at a party, but always at a distance. When I spotted him across the room, he’d smile and I’d tingle, but that would be that. No interactions, no texts, no nothing. Matter of fact, I don’t even think I had Christian’s number. He was just one of those people you see and that’s when you see them. And then almost as if he poofed off the planet, those run-ins were over.

It was kind of out of sight out of mind with Christian. Then out of nowhere, he added me on Facebook. I’ve never been the most avid Facebook user, but at the time, I’d use my Facebook network for work to book people to be in my video series.

Christian and I started chatting on Facebook messenger. It was always casual and, honestly, he’d support all my dramatic and obsessive Virgo behavior.

“Stop looking so damn delicious!” Christian messaged me one evening.

“I didn’t do anything lol,” I wrote back.

“I know. You don’t have to. You’re just so cute,” Christian replied.

That’s how we’d flirt on messenger. Then one day I posted a casting request for couples for a tender Black love compilation. Imagine my surprise when Christian responded to the casting call, suggesting himself and the mother of his child.

I didn’t even trip — really. I’d seen something in passing about him having a baby about a year before so it wasn’t a surprise honestly. This is kind of how I saw Christian in my mind: a beautiful Black god of strength and sperm. He wasn’t a super baby daddy or anything. He just read fertile to me. The type of man whose sex would make it a lot easier for you to abandon protection — and whose soldiers never miss their target. And because he was aware of his quiet power, he wielded it strategically and not very often. This child made him a father for a third time–with a different woman than his first two. When I thought of Christian, I thought baby daddy, but I never thought taken.

I got back to him on Facebook, “Well, surprise, surprise! Congrats on the baby and the wife.”

Christian sent a laughing emoji and said, “I never said anything about wife. But thank you Danielle. How are you?”

“Oh, well, this casting is about couples. And I’m great! Loving life! Living free!” I replied.

“We are a couple. We’re just not married. Glad to know you’re well. I hope we make the cut,” Christian wrote back. “And you didn’t ask. But I’m great too!” He sent a wink emoji.

And he was right. I didn’t ask. I didn’t know what emotions were going on, but I know I felt a little something about this man and his little family. But it wasn’t like I wanted him.

“You made the cut Christian. And I was going to ask how you were. Good to know you’re great and can’t wait to hear more, in person!” I gave him the details for the shoot.

“I can’t wait to squeeze you,” Christian wrote back immediately.

You know I tingled.

The shoot day was so busy, I barely had time to think about Christian coming with his little family, until I looked up and saw them walking into the green room. He smiled his devious and handsome grin.

“Hi Christian!” I was a little too excited. His partner was right behind him, cute, but nothing special. Their kid, however, was the most adorable little tot.

“What’s up kid!” Christian embraced me, almost like he used to, but you could tell he limited the energy and the time on the hug. He didn’t let his body melt into mine like he used to. He pulled away before I could think anything else.

“Great to see you!” I looked over to his partner, “Hi! I’m…”

“Danielle,” she interrupted me with open arms and hugged me. “I’ve heard a lot about you. Nice to finally put a face to the name. I’m Mori.” There wasn’t much emotion in her voice, so I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or serious.

I smiled. I heard nothing about her. “Nice to meet you too.” I turned my attention to their kid, “Hi gorgeous!” I cooed.

She played with me for a moment before getting restless and asking for mommy’s arms. I set up the shoot with only enough time to inteview each couple so I ushered Christian and his partner to their marks for the interview.

“Are you going to hold her for this?” I asked.

“Can we?” Mori asked.

“Ok, let’s get started. Christian, when did you know it was love?”

Their child fidgeted in her mom’s arms. She flailed her arms and decided that as soon as we started the interview she would come alive.

“You hold her and I’ll answer and then swap, cool?” Christian asked Mori. “Well, for me, it happened quickly, like when we met, but it took some time for me to realize it. The baby girl helped push me along. I’m not the type to fall in love. At least I thought I wasn’t,” Christian looked at Mori and smiled.

That wasn’t sweet, but somehow it was. Mori’s heart melted.

During the shoot, I found out they were just friends when Mori had gotten pregnant. They decided to co-parent, and as the pregnancy wore on their love grew. Once the baby was born, they were pretty much locked in –in love and their new life together. The story was very sweet. I tried to hide whatever irritation was going on underneath the surface.

When we wrapped, Mori asked where the bathroom was so she could change the baby before their journey home. “I’ll get our things together,” Christian offered as Mori walked off.

“Dani, look at you! Big boss now!” Christian laughed and packed his family’s things up.

“Hardly. But doing better than the last time I saw you. Moved on up!” I laughed. “You’re good? I see you’re a whole daddy now! A family man! Christian? Who would have ever thought?”

Almost as if he didn’t hear a word I said, Christian walked over to me and grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. He was huge and rock solid and I wasn’t immediately repulsed, as I should have been. I’m sure I blushed. “I think about you all the time Dani. You’re so wet and juicy. I’m still dying to eat it,” Christian squeezed my hand in his and my hand was around him.

We hesitated to step away from each other. Almost like it was timed, the baby clumsily ran inside and Mori was hot on her heels, laughing. “Ready?” She asked, almost out of breath. “We took a little run around the office, didn’t we?” She scooped up the baby and snuggled her.

“I’m ready,” Christian said looking at me directly in my eyes. “Bye Dani, thank you.” He side-hugged me.

“Nice meeting you,” Mori said, walking ahead with the baby.

“You too! Bye baby!” I cooed at their child, but mostly in Christian’s direction.

There was definitely some fire there that I did not want to get myburned by.

Find out what happens next week.

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