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Tahiry and Vado

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Couples go to “Marriage Bootcamp” with the intention to save their relationships. But a recent clip from tomorrow’s episode of the show, seems to suggest that the relationship between reality tv star Tahiry and rapper Vado needs to come to an end.

Yesterday, WE tv released a clip from tonight’s episode of the reality tv show and what we witnessed was disturbing on more than a few levels.

Speaking to the group, Tahiry says, “I look crazy to y’all, I look extra aggressive.” I don’t know why those words triggered her boyfriend. But before she could complete the sentence, Vado was standing over her, choking her.

When Dr. Ish, one of the therapists in the house, shared the clip, he tweeted this message along with it.

“This is not ok y’all! Never. Ever. I couldn’t believe it happened. Everybody froze. We’re going to do everything we can to make it right @TheRealTahiry.”

It happened so fast, I’m sure it took everyone in the room a minute to register what was happening. But there was a moment of recognition in the men’s faces as they watched Vado assaulting Tahiry, a woman. And Dr. Ish was the only one to even move in the direction of Vado, eventually pulling him away from his girlfriend.

Every other man in the room, sat next to their partners still.

Thank God for Dr. Ish because God only knows how far he would have gone with this.

But perhaps the most telling and tragic part of this, aside from the fact he assaulted her in the first place, is Tahiry’s face afterward. When Dr. Ish pulls Vado away, Tahiry flips her braids, wearing a sardonic smirk.

She doesn’t seem shocked or sad. She might have been a tad embarrassed. But more than anything, she seemed accustomed.

I doubt the first time a man decides to put his hand on a woman would take place in front of other celebrity couples, in counseling, and in front of cameras that will transmit his image across the nation.

And if he behaved like this in these circumstances, what is Tahiry enduring when the two of them are alone?

This is a pattern.

This is a dangerous, toxic relationship and I hope for the sake of Tahiry and other women who may be watching this, experiencing and normalizing this type of behavior, that she gets as far away from Vado as possible.

Especially since his response to the clip where we all saw his abuse, he attempted to blame on editing.

Since the video was released and began trending on Twitter, Tahiry released this statement, via her Instagram page.

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