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Yesterday, we reported that Tommie Lee’s daughter Samaria told the world that her mother and aunt tried to trick her into terminating her pregnancy at 7 months.

The idea of sounded extremely dysfunctional and inappropriate considering the age of the fetus and the fact that Samaria has clearly expressed that she wants to keep her baby.

Tommie, who hasn’t spoken on her daughter’s pregnancy in the past seven months, hopped on Instagram Live last night to address her daughter’s claims and share her thoughts about the pregnancy with her followers.

“Basically, this is a moment of transparency for me. I never address a lot of things. Anything that goes on in my life, I’ve been told, ‘Tommie, just don’t say nothing. Let it blow over. It’s going to blow over. I don’t agree with addressing family matter on social media. I know that at the end of the day, the people that you’re talking to, they don’t care. At the end of the day, it’s humorous for them. It’s a laugh, it’s a kiki for them. They’re going to go on about their life, about their business…

My take on abortion on anything of that nature is this—the reason why I feel so strongly about that opinion to have a say so about their body is because this is something that you are never going to be able to undo. You’re never going to be able to undo having a child. And ultimately I’ve come from a broken home. It caused us to make some weird decisions because ultimately our parents wasn’t there. We didn’t have nobody to look up to. You’re not given a manuscript on how to parent. There’s no book out to show you when you leave her, how to address x,y,z.

So me, I would rather a teen live they life. My child that I think so highly of and that I love, I don’t want her to ever face the things that I face. I want you to be in your dorm room. I want you to complete high school. I want you to have wild parties. I want you to live, live, live out these years of your life because you never get them back. You’re never going to be a teenager again, ever.

As a mom, I’m disappointed. I’m hurt. I went through a time where I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t posting. I have endorsements. I’m supposed to be posting but I’m in my head about somebody sleeping with my daughter, my daughter having sex. How did it get to that point?”

Tommie talked about being arrested for “disciplining” her other daughter. It was actually a violent, abusive interaction that resulted in her imprisonment. Tommie said it was during that time period that her daughter made “a wrong decision.”

If anyone knows the weight of being a teen mother and the sacrifices that will come along with that, it’s Tommie. And I get that she recognizes that her daughter’s life is about to change in ways that she can’t even imagine at this point. But at this point, seven months into her pregnancy, it’s no longer Tommie’s decision to make for her daughter. Respecting a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body, means respecting that choice even if it’s not one with which you personally agree.

You can watch clips from Tommie’s Live in this video from The Neighborhood Talk, below.

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