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Reginae Carter responded to the controversial interview between her father,  Lil Wayne and 50 Cent by making it known that she would not be beholden to the colorist, anti-Black mantra that the two rappers “ki-ki’d” over last week.

“I’m black! I’m beautiful! I’m enough! I’m exotic! I’m amazing! I’m one of a mf kind!!!! Now where my black beautiful Queens at,” Reginae wrote on Twitter.

In a not surprising admission during the interview, 50 discussed his preference for dating women who looked, “exotic,” claiming that he’s been called out over it by “angry” Black women.

“See what I’m saying? And I look and I go yo, this is why they get mad, they get angry. You see a lot of sisters they go, ‘Oh you f—–g, you fucking with this kind of girl, or that kind of girl?” 50 said.

“That s–t is exotic! That s–t look a lot different from the s–t that you see in the neighborhood all the time,” 50 says as Wayne laughs. “That s–t look like it just came off a boat baby. God—-n! You don’t like that mutha—-a? You don’t like that? God—-n what’s the matter with you? It feel like something foreign, it feel like something that you just can’t get.”

“In some kind of ways it is interesting to explore. You know what I’m saying? But they get mad, they get angry. ‘How did you end up with this mutha—-a or this that,’ And I’m like huh?”

“For real, they get real–” Wayne said interjecting.

“And so my instincts always make me get defensive. Look at this Black angry mutha—-a, get the f–k up out of here, tryna f–k up the vibe,” 50 continued, while punching the air.

Now being that there’s so much to unpack here, the issue of “preference” comes into play because our dating preferences, or what we find aesthetically pleasing, is undeniably linked to what we are told is beautiful and accepting, subconsciously and consciously. And as we know, because European standards of beauty are still being enforced at every turn, the preference to date a woman who looks ambiguously Black is tied into those thresholds.

Using the wording “exotic” to describe anyone’s features is also problematic because it fetishizes and sexualizes them, likening them to same terminology used to describe animals.

To be clear, people date people for a variety of reasons, and colorism is not the only reason, but if you find yourself saying that you aren’t attracted to Black women beacuse they don’t look “exotic” enough, you really need to check yourself. And the continued abuse and mistreatment of Black women within our community needs to be addressed, full stop.

Reginae also got the backing of her biggest supporter, her mother Toya Johnson, who shared several images of Reginae serving on the ‘gram.

“My daughter so damn beautiful! You are everything Queen! Don’t ever forget that. #myblackqueen @colormenae,” Toya wrote as the caption.

Reginae also got a shout out from Lauren London, who shares a son named Kameron with Lil Wayne. Lauren shared Toya’s post, with the caption, “Young beautiful queen!”

Although it’s very obvious that Reginae loves her father and defends him publicly when she feels he is being unjustly attacked, it speaks to the persistent instances when Wayne himself has made colorist remarks in his interviews and music.

Hopefully his statements continue to bounce off of Reginae as she continues finding herself and loving herself as she continues in her journey.

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