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…continued from last week.

I tried my best to keep stop communicating with Andrew. He would message me every now and again, but I wouldn’t respond or I’d respond with a single word. We were able to wedge some distance between us.

By the time summer hit, it didn’t hurt to think about him anymore. I still wasn’t ready to date again though, so I was throwing myself into work. I volunteered to go up to Harlem from Brooklyn to cover a food festival one weekend. After being out in the sun all day, carrying way too much equipment and sampling tiny versions of Harlem’s tastiest restaurants, I was exhausted and ready to make the voyage back to Brooklyn, but my homegirl Sheena hit me up, telling me she was cooking and that I should come over. Since I was already uptown, I figured a pit stop for some dinner was a good look. Sheena’s house was a whole turn up, everybody dancing around with plates piled high and drinks on window sills. Sheena didn’t play when it came to cooking. She would make feasts like it was nothing.

I immediately danced my way to the kitchen for a drink. I kissed Sheena on the cheek and danced my way to her fantastic spread. My phone buzzed, then buzzed again and buzzed again. It was already late. Whoever it was could wait until I was done with my plate. One missed call and two texts — it was Andrew.

“I can’t get you off my mind.”

“What are you doing?”

I wanted to entertain it. His texts made me smile and I pulsated from the center…out.

“Oh yeah?” I responded.

“Yes. Where are you?” Andrew asked.

“You’re asking a lot of questions.”

“Because I want a lot of answers,” Andrew threw in a smiley because he knew he was cute and I was indeed smiling.

“I’m uptown at my homegirl’s house. Vibing. Why?” I asked.

“Because I want to see you,” Andrew used the eyeball emoji.

I was happy knowing I had a free ride home. I was definitely not trying to take the subway that time of night nor did I want to pay the astronomical prices for an Uber.

“So come get me,” I demanded more than I asked.

“Bet. Send me the address.”

I didn’t expect Andrew to be urgent or timely, so I kept drinking. When I checked my phone, I had missed a call from him. I called back and Andrew’s voice sounded like molasses on a biscuit in my ear, “I’m outside baby.”

I ran over to the window like I was waiting on a delivery. I almost squealed when I saw him, but I was going to play it cool. When I got downstairs, there was a cool little breeze that would take away the steaminess of the night, if only for a second. Andrew had all his windows down, Jay Z blaring, as he stood by the car looking like a 90s music video star.

He smiled, watching me walk towards him. I knew I was smiling back just as hard, just as goofy. “Look at you,” Andrew said with his bottom grill flashing me.

“Look at me!” He grabbed my hand and spun me around.

“Still thicker than a Snicker. What’s up baby?” Andrew pulled me into him for a hug and nestled himself into my neck. He kissed it lightly. My butterflies were all over the place. Andrew smelled so good. “It’s hot as fuck!” Andrew opened his button up. I was immediately reminded of his fantastic and ridiculous set of abs set in that God-like Black skin of his.

“Still chocolate,” I smiled at Andrew.

“Still yours,” he said, grabbing my hand again.

“Shutup!” I pulled my hand away. “Let’s go!” I needed to snap out of his spell. I swear I just wanted a ride home. But by the time I got into that passenger seat and Andrew grabbed my hand and kissed it as he drove, I knew I was riding something else that night. Who am I kidding? I knew that before I got in the car.

“Baby, I missed you! Damn, it’s good to see you!” Andrew said, turning the music down.

We cruised on our way to Brooklyn. “It’s good to see you too Andrew.” I watched him blush from the compliment.

“And you missed me?” He told me, more than asked me.

“So what were you doing uptown?” I asked Andrew in a sad attempt to change the subject.

“I was putting in some work in the studio. My mind drifted to you, so I had to check on my baby,” Andrew grabbed my hand again. “You still my baby?” Andrew laughed, “Remember when was together, you said you were mine forever.”

“I sounded really in love. That’s cute,” We both laughed.

When we got to Brooklyn, Andrew circled the block looking for a parking spot. “Oh, you’re parking parking?”

“Oh baby, this is door-to-door service. I’m taking you all the way to your bedroom door,” Andrew laughed at his own joke. I was tickled at how tickled he was. “Oh please!” We found a spot up the block from my apartment.

“Let me stop by the bodega,” Andrew said running in. He came running out a second later, tucking his purchase into his pocket. I saw the condoms. He saw me see the condoms.

“Oh that’s the type of time we’re on?” I asked as I pushed him.

“Insurance plan. Just in case, we don’t want to waste time looking for this, do we?” Andrew pulled the magnums out and smacked my butt with them.

When we got upstairs, we chatted. At first I tried to keep the air around me chilly, but he knew I was warm to him. He scooted closer to me. I felt the magnetism between us. I tried to fight it. I did. But I gave in.

My skin craved Andrew’s touch and when it got it, it melted into itself. I was a puddle on my own couch. Andrew also provided me with my own puddles, quite a few. It felt so good being with him, being in his arms, having him inside me, kissing me, loving me. I couldn’t control my emotions and I moaned into his ear, “I love you.”

“I love you so much baby. You the one,” Andrew moaned back as he thrusted harder.

Laying there in the afterglow with Andrew, my head was spinning. I knew I was in love with this man, but I also knew our relationship took me through things I didn’t think I needed to go through. But in that moment with Andrew, I couldn’t help but feel all the love we once mutually shared at the same time rush back into my spirit.

“Can you plug my phone in babe? I’m gonna take a little nap,” Andrew said turning over.

“Nap? Oh you have plans to go back in?” I laughed and kissed him on the back of his neck.

“Oh you want some more? I can squeeze that in before I go,” He reached back and grabbed my thigh.

“When are you going?” I asked.

“In like an hour. I gotta pick up Jelissa.”

There was that name again. The same woman he named his secretary, who paid for my Lyft home from the airport when I returned from Paris.

“Oh wow. Ok then,” I said and turned over. I huffed and puffed.

“Baby, don’t be like that. It’s nothing. She’s working. I’m picking her up. That’s all. She’s a lesbian and she’s damn near married,” Andew said as he turned to face me.

“Oh that’s not my business,” I tried to pretend I didn’t care. I did care. And he knew I cared.

“I’m not with anybody and if I am gonna be with somebody, it’s gonna be you,” Andrew kissed me deep and we went at it again.

Right after, Andrew showered and said he goodbyes. “I’ll hit you later OK babe?” Andrew said and paused. He looked at me like he wanted to lean in for a kiss. “Can I?”

The ask melted me. I played it cool. “Yeah.” The kiss melted me. I was in love again.

“Damn. I gotta see you again soon babe.”

Andrew left.

Sex with the ex, is it the worst idea ever?

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