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Source: WW / Weight Watchers

Ever since Tamela Mann joined Weight Watchers (now going by WW) last year as an ambassador, the gospel singer and actress has lost more than 40 pounds. It’s been an inspiring journey for all of her fans and followers to watch. No one has been more motivated by her healthy eating, increased activity, and in turn, success, than her husband of 32 years, David Mann.

The actor and singer has seen how being a WW ambassador has paid off for Tamela. In addition to that, he has previously been diagnosed with hypertension and prediabetes. In a time where such pre-existing conditions can make one more at risk and therefore vulnerable to having a severe reaction if they contract the coronavirus, David is taking control of his health and wellness. Like Tamela, he has decided to become a WW ambassador. During quarantine, he and Tamela have been preparing healthy WW recipes, sticking to their daily points and exercising at home and occasionally, outdoors.

We chatted with David via e-mail about how his wife has prompted him to take action, what his ultimate goal is and what he’s lost already, and why he and Tamela are the perfect team in all things, including in weight loss.

MadameNoire: First off, how are you and Tamela and your family doing with everything going on right now with COVID-19?

David Mann: We are doing very well given the circumstances. A lot of family bonding time.

What was it about watching the success Tamela’s been able to have, and how serious she took this program, that motivated you to want to take part and become a WW ambassador?

Tamela really has been one of my biggest inspirations. She has completely changed the way she manages her health and it honestly inspired me to join WW. I noticed her dedication, despite having knee surgery, for wanting to develop a healthier lifestyle and it honestly motivated me to want to do the same. I also had a wake-up call with a recent visit to the doctor, which has made my health a priority. Living with pre-diabetes and hypertension, I need to manage them as best as I can.

How has being home in the midst of this pandemic, knowing the way it can impact those with pre-existing conditions, motivated you as well? 

Knowing how this pandemic has impacted our community much more aggressively, it motivated me to start practicing healthier lifestyle changes since I fall into the “high risk” category. Eating better, exercising daily and getting the proper rest are top priorities for me now.

Do you have a weight-loss goal?

I’ve already lost 15 pounds and I started a little over a month ago. Depending on how I look after the first 20 pounds, my goal is to lose 30 to 45 pounds. I don’t want to get too small and I’m excited to wear clothes in my closet that have been a tad snug in the past. Small steps, one day at a time.

How do you both keep from not overdoing it food wise while being in the house all day? That is an issue for quite a few people right now.

We have decided to make a conscious effort to make better food choices. We also still stick to our daily points. We have a routine that includes daily exercise, and that helps us not focus as much on food and snacking too much. It hasn’t been easy, but we motivate each other to do better. Tamela has lost over 50 lbs. We’re sticking with this.

How has it been to watch Tamela slim down in such a substantial way? You’ve seen her in varying sizes, so what is that like as a partner?

For me it’s not the fact that she’s slimming down. I love to see that she is making healthier choices and that helps her feel good about herself. She has slimmed down in the past, but this time it’s more about the lifestyle change and I love it so much I’m following her lead. We really are better together.

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