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Ever since she went public with boyfriend and fellow actor Brad James, Keshia Knight Pulliam has had a permanent smile on her face. He’s been a special addition to her life, an unforgettable one, even though she admits that before they really got to know each other while filming the TV movie Pride and Prejudice, they had encountered each other a few times before, but she didn’t remember him.

“Apparently, I didn’t realize this, but we crossed paths before we did Pride and Prejudice, the movie how we met. But we never like met met before then,” she said during an Instagram Live chat with Brad and both Married at First Sight‘s Pastor Cal and his wife. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t remember meeting him before Pride & Prejudice, but it was on the movie that he did the whole, ‘Yeah, you know…we should talk about ‘business.””

While filming the 2019 project, the two got very close, even though it was on accident. They played a brother and sister in the movie, and he married another character.

“We were shooting a scene, right? We’re walking into a church. It’s how the movie opened. The pathway is smooth, the church is full of extras and everybody’s in there waiting,” Brad said. “We were walking into the church, it’s our first time being seen and everybody’s waiting on us to enter. Room full of people. This one trips over nothing and falls into my arms.”

“He did catch me because I was about to bite it really hard,” she said, admitting she fell over something, but she wasn’t sure what. “I did trip walking in. I don’t know, there was something. I don’t know what it was but there was something [laughs].”

However, it wasn’t falling into his biceps that sealed the deal, though. It was the time the two spent together talking and getting to know each other better that helped them create a connection.

“Honestly, we just hit it off. We had a lot of down time,” she said. “There was a lot going on filming that project. So there were plenty of times where we would all be sitting in the cast seats or the van and just talking.”

They bonded while people watching and sharing with each other the writing projects they were working on at the time.

“He did say, ‘We should get together, I have this script I want you to read,'” she recounted. “I was like, ‘Okay, cool! I have a script that I’ve written that I’d love to get your feedback on, too.’ He was like, ‘Give me your phone’ and he put his number in my phone. He took a picture of himself for the ID and put his birthday, his email [laughs].”

They did end up reading each other’s scripts, and from there, things began to turn romantic. Finding that special something with one another has been a big deal for both parties, who were both previously married. While it’s unclear who Brad was previously married to, Keshia was briefly married to former NFL player Ed Hartwell, whom she shares daughter Ella with.

She said that going through a rocky marriage and divorce helped her to be able to clearly identify what she would want in a future partner. And then Brad came knockin

“I think that it’s better once you’ve been married because you’re very clear on what you don’t desire. It makes it so much clearer when you see what it is you do want,” she said. “And then you also know what you’re getting into. When you’re younger, you’re sold this fairtyale on what marriage should be. You feel like once you’ve been married and you have been divorced, you have a very different perspective. You understand the work that goes in and the difference in the work, because people are like, ‘Marriage is hard!’ But no no no, some of that stuff just means he’s not the one for you. It’s not that hard. But it does mean that you have to have two people who actively desire to be here, who want to work at it, who want to make each other happy and make each other a priority. When you do that, you can be successful.”

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