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Teddy Riley and Babyface

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Last night, after technical difficulties, a disappointing reschedule and hundreds of thousands of memes, the Verzuz battle between legendary producers Babyface and Teddy Riley took place last night on Instagram Live. It was an epic night. While it was not without its glitches, the music went forth and it was a beautiful moment of Blackness. In addition to the hits, the comment section and the giggles, we learned quite a bit from the conversation that was sparked by the match up of these two geniuses.

Check out the things we learned as a result of this battle on the following pages.

Toni Braxton wanted “I’m Ready”

Before he played this particular jam, Babyface shared that he wrote “I’m Ready” when he was a child, jotting down how he felt about a girl he had a crush on in school. But he saved it for years because he wanted to make sure he gave it to the right artist. And when Tevin came around with that voice, just innocent enough to capture the song’s essence, he realized he was the one. But last night, Toni Braxton shared that when she first heard Babyface play it, she wanted it for herself. We’re sure she would have killed it. But it would have been an entirely different vibe.

“Can We Talk” is about stalking

Many of us regard “Can We Talk,” as the quintessential love song. It’s sweet, it reminds many of us of our first childhood crushes. And Tevin Campbell sang down. But according to Campbell, it’s not as sweet and sentimental as we think. He sees the song in an entirely different way. But after all these years, I doubt this single tweet will be able to rebrand this classic.


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MJ wanted to date Halle Berry

What we know definitively about Michael Jackson was that he was a musical and entertaining genius. Other than that, the rest was a mystery, especially in regard to his sex-life, dating preferences/perversions…depending on what you believe. So any information about his romantic life is always of particular interest to people. And last night, before playing “Love Shoulda Brought You Home,” intro-ed by Halle Berry’s lines in Boomerang, Babyface said that at one point Michael Jackson called him and asked him to connect him to Halle Berry because he wanted to take her out on a date. From Babyface’s story, it didn’t seem like the two were ever able to link up.

Johnny Gill performs on Soul Train.

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Everybody wanted Johnny Gill’s “My My My”

Toni Braxton and Tevin Campbell weren’t the only two artists within Babyface’s camp vying for the same songs. Last night, when he played Johnny Gill’s “My, My, My,” he shared that two male groups wanted the song for themselves: After 7, comprised of Babyface’s brothers Melvin and Kevon Edmonds and Keith Mitchell, and The Whispers. Babyface wrote hits for both of these groups, including “Rock Steady,” which he played during last night’s battle. But “My, My, My” went to Jonny Gill. And with the grit he added to the track, we’re glad about it.


Babyface doesn’t do remixes

Last night, competing against Babyface’s “Red Light Special,” performed by TLC, Teddy Riley countered with “I Get So Lonely” by Janet Jackson. The song was originally produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Teddy Riley and Timbaland-produced remix featuring vocals from Blackstreet. Immediately, when he played it, Babyface seemed confused. When the song ended, he said: “I didn’t know remixes counted in this thing. all right okay. But that ain’t a problem anyway cuz I don’t remix anyways.”

Tevin Campbell wanted “Another Sad Love Song”

When Toni Braxton shared that she desperately wanted the song that would go to Tevin Campbell, “I’m Ready,” Campbell shared that they were even because he had his eye on “Another Sad Love Song.” Thankfully, things worked out as they were supposed to.

Babyface Produced “Thnks fr th Mmrs “

Last night, during a break when Teddy Riley was trying to figure out how to get back into the live stream, Babyface decided to entertain the masses while we waited. He chose to play some of his White songs. So he played the song he created with Eric Clapton, “Change The World.” Thinking about his White music, people started digging through the digital crates. That’s when they found he also produced Fall Out Boy’s “Thanks For The Memories.”

3.7 million people trying to get into the stream.

It’s estimated that over 3 million people were watching the battle all over Instagram. Many believe that the reason Teddy and Babyface weren’t able to join each other’s lives for the final few songs because Instagram was glitching because of all the increased traffic. Individuals and other sites were streaming the live battle on their Instagram Live accounts because people were unable to join from their phones. It was a moment. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Timbaland and Swizz do next.

You can watch much of the battle in the video below.

And listen to the full battle playlist, here.

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