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mood swings in women

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I have never experienced so many mood swings in my life. Not one menstrual cycle has ever made me feel this unstable. My teenage years, with the hormones and the breakups and my parents’ divorce—those were nothing compared to the eight-loop roller coaster that is my emotions lately.

I think this pandemic has our emotions swinging around, as if through a jungle, trying to grasp at something stable and only just grabbing another vine that just continues to swing unpredictably. We don’t know how to react to the information we are receiving. We don’t have our usual sources of comfort that help keep us balanced, like friendship and ambition. Most of the things that humans need to feel emotionally stable have been taken from us. Socialization. Things to look forward to. The ability to make plans. Some hope that our efforts will lead to something great. A little spontaneity and excitement. So, we’re all going a bit nuts.

If you’ve been feeling you’re so unhinged that you may need to see a therapist, well, first off, we both know you’ll just have to “see” her on Zoom or Skype, second off, go ahead, because therapists are great, but thirdly, know that even some of the strangest mood swings are perfectly normal in the face of this very abnormal situation. Here are extreme mood swings you may be facing during quarantine.


A false start

Your subconscious mind hasn’t quite yet grasped that there’s only so much that can be done in a day right now. So you wake up with that get-up-and-go, let’s tackle the world, anything is possible mentality. Then you become so deflated when you realize that anything is not possible right now, and there are huge limitations on what you can accomplish or experience under these circumstances.

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