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We have heard a lot about Ciara and Russell Wilson‘s love story over the years; the prayers, the parental advice, the celibacy. Now the couple are opening up about their first date, and per the usual, it’s a really cute story.

During a recent self-isolation Instagram Live, the couple chatted with fans about their unorthodox first date. Russell actually almost missed his shot with her. He had a business dinner at 7:30 on the night he asked her out, so he inquired about them meeting up around 9:30, 10 p.m. At the time, she was a mom to a very young baby Future and as she said in the IG TV clip, “It was a little too late.” Sis still had to set some boundaries.

So he did some maneuvering and told the people he was supposed to meet up with that he couldn’t make their dinner until 10:30.  That left him able to meet up with her around 7.

“I completely forgot about the dinner,” he said, noting he and Ciara ended up talking for hours. “Next thing I know, it was 12, 12:30 a.m. and I was sold on you.”

She was also pretty sold on him, noting in the Live that she was taken by how handsome he was.

“I was like, he’s so beautiful,” she said. “So he was talking and I was like, ‘Uh huh…yeah…right.’ I was hearing him but I wasn’t hearing him.”

Ciara’s father and baby Future were present, but he was hitting it off well with all parties. Nevertheless, she gave him a hard time about his style. Ciara cracked jokes about a “janky” wallet the multi-millionaire football star had. When she saw it she told him, “You’re losing.” He responded by showing her that she shouldn’t let the wallet fool her, because he had game.

“I said, ‘First of all, if you were me, you’re never losing,'” he said. “‘Second of all, that’s your problem. You need a man that’s going to be consistent for you. See, this wallet’s been consistent for me. I got my cash in my pockets, got my card, ain’t no problems in this wallet. That’s what you need in your life. You trying to go for the flashy flash, but you need Steady Eddy for you. I’m going to be Steady Eddy for you.'”

While that sounds a tad corny, she was impressed (and he turned out to be right).

“When you said that, in my head I was like ‘okaaay, I see how you talking. Okay!'” she said, laughing.

“Fellas you got to talk to them like that,” Russell said to fans watching the Live. “You’ve got to let them know what it’s going to be. You can’t be stepping into this thing without no confidence. You’ve got to be in there confident. You’ve got to know what you want. You’ve got to know what you need, and she’s got to know, and you’ve got to tell her what she needs to know.”

And while he could provide her with stability, he admitted that she made him better all around.

“That’s why I got you. You make me better,” he said. “You stepped up my fashion game. I’m going to give you the credit. We upgraded. You said level up, we leveled up.”

As for the rest of that date, by midnight he was on his way out and they realized they were so “mesmerized” with each other, they forgot about food. He found a Fat Burger around the corner and asked her if she wanted anything. Ciara said no. She was actually starving but was just trying to play coy. “Gotta keep it cute.” He persuaded her to get what she wanted, and they ended up, surprisingly, wanting the same order, and the same order they always would get at the burger joint before meeting. It was something of a sign.

“Now she done got me. And that was it,” he said. “Sure enough I got the cheeseburger, took it back to her and that was pretty much it.” He planted a kiss on her cheek on his way out late that night, not wanting to move too fast, “That was intentional. Let ’em know.”

Ciara said she called her friend after the fact and said, “I don’t want to jinx anything” but she felt that he was the one.

Their second date was at the San Diego Zoo with baby Future, and from that day forward, they hung out daily. The rest, as they say, is history.

“It’s crazy. We’re sitting here five years from the first day that we met and we’re now having another baby,” she said. “It’s really cool. It’s very surreal.”

“It’s a blessing,” he replied. “That’s for sure.”

The pair certainly did upgrade. Russell was previously married to Ashton Meem before divorcing her in 2014 after two years. Ciara was previously engaged to be married to rapper Future, whom she shares baby Future with. The couple, who started dating in 2015, wed in 2016 and welcomed daughter Sienna in 2017. They are currently expecting their second child together, their third as a brood.

Check out the adorable Live session for yourself below:

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