Times The Hardest Thing Is The Right Thing

January 13, 2020  |  
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“Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” I believe that is a lyric from a song by The Fray. It’s almost correct. But if I could change it a little, it would be to say that most times the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. Reward never comes without sacrifice right? And since there is reward in the feeling of knowing you have done the right thing, then naturally, you probably had to do something hard first. If this concept were more mutually and universally understood by all, I think a lot more people would have easier lives. Well, easier in a sense.


So many individuals feel stuck, and it is all because they don’t want to do the hard but right thing. They don’t want to do the thing that today feels difficult, but once it was done would make every day so much easier. They would rather stay in a situation that is wrong because getting out of it would require doing something uncomfortable or frightening. People will stay in the wrong job, the wrong friendship, the wrong relationship because doing the right thing is scary. It can mean breaking hearts. It can mean breaking your own heart. It can mean letting people down. But we have to remember that sometimes, we need to do something a little painful today to prevent much worse pain tomorrow.


Once you adapt that philosophy into your life, it becomes easier to do the right thing. You have to train your brain to avoid all the excuses as to why you should stay comfortable and settled, and why you just have to do what you know is right—what you know is true. But, at first, it can feel very hard. Here are times the right thing is also the hardest thing to do.


Breaking an engagement

Oh my goodness. This is a really tough one. You announced to the world that you believe this person is the one. You got your parents excited thinking that your days of searching and dating weirdos are over. You have friends excited and eager to plan the wedding. And you have your fiancé, who thinks everything is dandy, while you know this is not the person for you. Maybe you got engaged for the wrong reasons.

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