A Young Girl Tried To Diminish Aretha Franklin’s Legacy…It Didn’t End Well

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Aretha Franklin In Detroit

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I’m not one to write the youth off. But at the end of the day, we all know that being young is defined, in a lot of ways, by being ignorant about the world around you. We see it in a million ways. From kids loud-talking and causing chaos and confusion on public transportation, to choosing the wrong romantic partners, taking part in ridiculous and often dangerous internet trends, and probably the most common, saying wild sh*t on social media.
Now, to be fair, Facebook was poppin’ when I was in college. And when I look at the posts from my late teens to early twenties, I understand kids saying dumb things. Still, with the little bit of good sense I had back then, I would have never, in my Black-ass-life thought to insult an absolute legend in not only the music industry but in Black history and culture at large.

But for one reason or another, that’s what one young lady decided to do. And her target was Aretha Franklin.

I don’t tell you how ignorant this is. Aretha Franklin had 38 albums because there was that much of a demand for her voice, her lyrics, her musicality. And unlike today where we can hop on the computer and have music at our fingertips, this was back in the day when it took effort to hear your favorite artist. Honestly, she’s not called the Queen of Soul for nothing. Little sis could have benefited from reading a couple of books or doing her Googles but alas she chose this path, one in which education must come after the dragging.

As you know quite a few people on Twitter wake up ready to be mad about something. So they didn’t hesitate to let this young know where she’d f*cked up.






Thankfully, this young woman took the education gracefully. She retweeted what people had to say in response to the tweet, saying that the responses were funny. Then she tweeted this.

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