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anniversary after dating

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“You light up my life. You’ve changed my world. I don’t know where I’d be without you. You’re the yin to my yang. I can’t believe all the stars aligned to let us meet. Happy three month anniversary my love!” was the caption on a friend of a friend’s Instagram post recently. It was her and her boyfriend, cuddling and kissing as if they’d known each other for decades. Three months?! Ugh. I honestly found the post very touching until I saw that part. Three months. 90 days. One fiscal quarter. One trimester. The free trial period for some subscriptions. A season. Just one. Come on.


I don’t mean to be a total buzzkill here but celebrating a three-month anniversary is a bit ridiculous. The concept of the year is even built into the world anniversary (aka the ann comes from annual). Three months is not an anniversary! I feel a little disappointed in myself for “liking” the post. I don’t want to encourage this type of behavior. Baby announcement? Wedding day? Company got covered in Forbes? These are things I will like. Purchasing a first home? I’d love to like that post! These are real accomplishments—these are things that change someone’s life forever. But three months of dating someone? Nah.


Somebody has to tell these people. I imagine the reason they don’t know how silly it seems is because they’ve never really dated anyone for more than roughly three months. But when they are, one day, five years into a relationship, they will feel quite embarrassed about these posts. Couples, can you please stop celebrating your three-month anniversary? For your own sake, don’t celebrate it in person, and for our sakes, stop posting about it online. Pardon me as my age has made me a bit blunt but somebody had to say it.


That rate of celebration is not sustainable

So, you’re going to celebrate every three months? Every 90 days, it’s going to be a whole thing? The photo collage. The pronouncement of love. The recalling of all the “memories” you’ve made in the last…90 days. The proclamation of commitment and how “far you’ve come.” You cannot sustain this pace of celebration.

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