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Word on the curb is that harmony may finally be restored in the house of Ray J and Princess Love.

TMZ‘s sources reported on Monday night that the couple had, at the very least, reconnected back in Los Angeles after she claimed last week that he abandoned her and their daughter Melody in Las Vegas following the Soul Train Awards. Following that revelation, she and Ray went back and forth on social media, with the wife and mother-to-be of two claiming he blocked her on IG and that she was going to file for divorce. Ray has since taken to social media too, claiming he wasn’t being allowed to see Melody, denying he abandoned his family, and offering a somewhat hollow apology to his wife. He would eventually get to reunite with his child, and as of yesterday it seems, with Princess for a maternity shoot.

Despite his presence in the room during the shoot, TMZ has updated their story and claimed that while Ray wants to make things work by any means necessary, they’ve been told that Princess “is done with the marriage and heavily considering ending things.” Heavily considering and actually doing it are two different things, though, and based on the fact that sis is nearly nine months pregnant, swimming in hormones and their track record, she might be able to be persuaded to work on things.

Whatever Princess does decide, we really don’t need to know about it. Honestly, after the last week of videos maintaining that one party’s side of the story was true over the others, blocking, name calling (including “Scooty Boy”) and celebrating a “divorce party,” the Internet needs a break from the marital issues of these two. For all the drama they’ve had, we never get a glimpse at them in therapy trying to work through their problems (real therapy, not Steve Harvey), whether on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood or online. Instead, we just watch them disrespect one another because neither party sees the importance in getting out of their feelings for a moment, this 35-year-old woman and 38-year-old man.

And if we’re being honest, if it’s true that Ray left Princess and Melody stranded in Vegas after they argued about the fact that she wasn’t feeling his idea of moving there, that wouldn’t be a shock. For all of his charm, his attempts to be a family man and his place in the pop culture lexicon, Ray J has exhibited self-centered, toxic behavior for quite some time. Princess has even participated in it.

Who could forget in the first seasons of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, when he and the beauty dated at the same time that his ex-girlfriend, Teairra Mari, was butting heads with him about not returning items of hers that were in his home? When Teairra told him that he needed to provide the items or a check, he said he allowed Princess to throw them away. When Princess chose to interfere in their conversation about the matter, she shared photos of vaginal cream and bacterial vaginosis capsules, and made fun of Teairra in front of a crowd of people. He then, to make matters worse, showed up to Teairra’s tattoo party and dumped all of her belongings on the floor, embarrassing her again about her Monistat cream and calling her a “b—h” when she responded by getting physical.

And who could forget when Princess was out here at reunions trying to fight women Ray no longer got along with, like his former assistant Morgan? He literally asked her to knock the girl out, and after confirming the order, she went off like an attack dog. Ray then attempted to push the girl who was trying to defend herself.

And never forget when he tried to dump Princess for telling their business to Morgan. He ordered her to not speak to the former assistant anymore and told her that she was not “the boss” in their relationship. When she didn’t appreciate his tone, he told her they needed to separate, and she threw alcohol and food at him. He ended up pushing her in a pool:

Ray has literally been doing whatever, whenever he wants, for years. That includes hanging with strippers when he and Princess disagreed about a prenuptial agreement the night before their wedding, and according to her, abandoning her for a week when she was pregnant with Melody. He’s been petty and mean when he hasn’t gotten his way on a number of occasions on TV alone, so only God knows what’s been said and been done in private. Either way though, Princess has stayed down through it all.

So with that being said, while no woman should be disrespected by their spouse, especially when they’re carrying the man’s child, it’s hard to be super sympathetic when she brings their issues to Instagram when he has shown who he really is for years. You can’t be complicit in the mistreatment of other women by your man and then be surprised when he’s a less than stellar husband to you.

Nevertheless, I hope she does what is best for her and for her kids, and leaves the subliminals, the direct call-outs and video rants behind, whether she also leaves her husband behind or not.

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