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Quad Webb is quite entertaining. If you’ve ever tuned into Married to Medicine or Sister Circle, you already know that, but in person, in the flesh, she’s even more colorful. The 38-year-old star came to our offices recently, glammed up per the usual, and instead of having an interview, we had a conversation about everything, from the recent removal of 10 fibroids, if she would marry again after her divorce from Dr. Greg Lunceford, to drama with her cast mates on her hit Bravo reality series. Webb kept me laughing, but she also kept it very real. Check out the highlights from our lengthy chat, below.

What It Was Like Dealing With 10 Fibroids

I probably saw changes within my body maybe six to eight months before I actually stopped for a moment to deal with it. So I was experiencing heavy periods, elongated periods, and instead of it taking five days it’s longer. I also had weight gain, especially in my midsection. I had pelvic pain, back pain, frequent urination. My God, you name it, I was experiencing it. One was so big I could actually touch it and feel it. I was hoping that it was like a hernia or something. I just did not think it was or want it to be fibroids.

Learning About Minimally Invasive Acessa Procedure and the Benefits of Having It Done

I really didn’t know what options were out there, so of course my brain, the wheels were just spinning, spinning, spinning. I started to do so much research. [My doctor] offered a myomectomy, which would have meant that I would have been cut from one side of the stomach to the next. I didn’t want to commit to that because of course that would have meant me later on, if I got pregnant, I would have had to do a Cesarean, and I didn’t want to do that. Fortunately, I have a number of friends who are OB/GYNs and I just got on the phone and started calling and saying, there’s got to be other things out there. The word hysterectomy was even being thrown around. There was no way I was going to have one, I hadn’t even had kids!

I had one good friend out of Chicago and he says to me, “You need to look at Acessa.” He’s like, “It’s going to be a more favorable treatment.” I looked into it, started reading about it, saw that it’s minimally invasive, and said, I’m going to probably be able to do this. I had the surgery already set up with one physician because I did not know other options were out there, within that week I found the other option. The day before I was supposed to go to surgery to have the myomectomy I was never comfortable with, I canceled.

Recovery time was great. Probably within a week I started to do light things. I was moving around, walking. There was little to no downtime. If I would have had a myomectomy, that was looking more like six to eight weeks, and I could not afford to be away from work. You know how much happens in television in six to eight weeks? You know how much things can change? That idea never sat well with me. But with Assessa, I was able to get back to work much sooner.

In my navel, I have a very little cut and she broke it down and took pieces of that fibroid, put it in a bag and brought it through the navel. Basically what Acessa does is, it utilizes an ultrasound so you can actually pinpoint where exactly that fibroid is, and there’s a probe there. It’s almost like it will heat the fibroid until it basically heats up so much that it turns gummy. When I first had mine, they were hard as a baseball, so over time, they get pretty gushy and kind of soft and turn into a different texture until they pretty much disintegrate.

Dating After Divorce

Why ya’ll so nosy? [laughs] The biggest thing for me is, I want to give love and I want to be loved. It’s really that simple. Yes, I have started dating, I’ve enjoyed dating. I’ve been having a little fun with it, yeah. I’m excited about it. I’m looking for someone who wants to be a team player. Who would really love and support me, be kind, considerate, someone who is smart, articulate, handsome, tall. I don’t mind them having kids because I’m 38 years old now so nine times out of 10, the guy that I’m going to date is probably going to have children. Now those children need to be a certain age because I don’t have time for baby mama drama. So the babies need to be at least five and everybody needs to be settled in to the way of life and not being together. Good credit. More money than me, I would like that because I’m not in the business of taking care of a man. I will support you but I’m not going to take care of you. That’s different. And I think just someone who is fun and doesn’t take themselves so seriously.

If She Would Every Marry Again

If you would have asked me this maybe a year ago, or even six months after the split, I would say no. Not at all. But I don’t feel that way anymore. See, what time does, time heals. I feel like when I was really able to find peace and be at peace with the decision that had been made, I think the healing began at that moment. You ask me the question now, I say yeah. The right man? Absolutely. I have too much love to give not to give it.

The Misconception That a Child Would Have Saved Her Last Marriage

Thank you for bringing that up! There was a misconception out there of people thinking that I never wanted to have children, or that magically, the problems of my marriage would have been fixed if I just would have had a child. That would have brought on more problems because we were already in such a dark space and I was already feeling alone within the marriage. You know the people who were saying that? Women. Women. And it was just the notion of it all, that a baby is going to keep a man or a baby is going to make everything better, it was just ridiculous to me. I couldn’t believe it. I was being judged. No one tells you everything in their marriage. You don’t go out in the world and tell everything, Even in your personal life, I don’t give a damn if you’re not married, people don’t say everything, they just don’t. I don’t care how real they keep it. They’re still not telling you everything that goes on with them. I don’t think they should, because are you going to use the information to hurt me? But I will say this, it was so ridiculous that women would make you feel that you were less of a woman because you didn’t have a kid or to be so ignorant to think that a kid would fix anything. A kid is not a Band-Aid. A kid does not change the order of a marriage. The two people in it have to be willing to change that. Children don’t fix issues in marriage. They don’t. But yes, I do want to have a daughter. Absolutely. I always say daughter, and I know God might do something else. I might be in my feelings about it but I’ll get over it [laughs].

The Dr. Jackie vs. Buffie Purselle “Infertile” Drama

Let’s just tell the truth. That’s not the first time, and Dr. Jackie is not the first person to put somebody’s business out there, okay? Was it wrong? Yeah. But she didn’t mean it in a malicious way. She had no malice intent when she did that. She was trying to connect with her, because at that moment, while everything doesn’t make it on that show, if you were there, she was trying to make a personal connection with each woman. She was. But this is what I’m saying, people have to go by not just what they see, but think about it for a moment. Jackie can’t have children herself. So that’s like the teapot calling the kettle black. Why are people missing that? Ignorance. That’s why.

This season, Jackie has found herself in a place I’ve always been in where I’ve always had to defend my name, defend my reputation. I felt like people were deliberately coming at Jackie’s reputation to basically make people want to think less of her. I think people were gunning for her reputation. I do.

How Her Divorce Affected Her Relationships With the Women on Married to Medicine

There were people who just wanted the tea. We saw it. There were some people who just wanted a front row seat to the drama. They were utilizing it for their own personal entertainment purposes. I did not feel that some of them had my best interests at heart, which is one of the reasons I decided to be a little bit more reserved with it. After all, it was my husband. They don’t tell everything that’s going on in their marriages, with their children, in their career, in their personal lives. They don’t do it, so why am I being held to the standard of having to do it? Peep game: Remember when Toya this season shared that she had a miscarriage? I hate that that happened to her, that saddened me, just like it hurt me that Buffie was hurt. But watch this, Toya was afforded the opportunity to tell people about her miscarriage when she wanted to. Not only did she have the opportunity to tell people in her own timing, she got to tell who she wanted to tell. I wasn’t afforded the same opportunity. Let’s go back. I got a phone call from her: “Why did I have to find out on the Internet that you filed for divorce?” And I’m supposed to come to you, thinking that you’re going to comfort me? Support me? Love on me? Not like that you’re not. So there’s a double standard. I didn’t think that the support was there at the time. We all saw it.

Why She Doesn’t Like People Comparing Her Sister Circle Co-Stars to Her Married to Medicine Co-Stars

It’s a different energy. Let’s just start with that. I hate when people try to compare them. I don’t like that because it’s messy and you’re trying to create some form of a line of demarcation or you’re trying to create a level of separation. I don’t like that. “Oh, she likes her Sister Circle friends better than us.” No, that’s not what I said. Were they more supportive? Absolutely! And I don’t know anybody who’s going to run away from support. Who’s not going to cling to support? Who’s not going to cling to a safe haven? Who’s not going to open up to people they actually feel naturally are interested in their well-being? I don’t think if someone’s mistreating you or coming across a little shady, you’re going to tell them your most personal, most inner, darkest thing. You probably won’t. No one will. Not even them. There are a number of women on Married to Medicine that I love. Actually all of them. There’s different levels to the love, though. I can love a person, but I don’t have to trust them.

What It Would Take to Rebuild Her Relationship With Mariah Huq

I don’t know because you can’t change a person’s character. That’s the fabric of who they are. You can’t change that. So, I’m well aware of it so it’s best for me to fade to black. It’s best for me to keep a good distance. I’m cordial, I can be in the same room, I can be in the same space, and it’s “Hi” and “Bye.” All of the fighting and going back and forth, really for me, is old. That’s why I don’t do all the social media stuff, I’m not on arguing on Twitter. I’m not on Instagram. I’m not putting up subliminal messages and sh-t. I’m too grown for that! I’m a grown woman with a thriving career. I got my own day in the city of Atlanta. What I look like fighting with somebody on Twitter. I’m 38! You understand what I’m saying? I don’t do all of that. The backbiting, the maliciousness, I deal with it head on. I just recently filmed our reunion and I can just say this, redemption is mine.

If There Is Anything She’s Done on the Show That She Would Take Back

I’m not one of these persons that do things for entertainment purposes. Heavenly might do a little bit of that. Even this season she did it to me, but I have to remind her, “Let’s not jeopardize our friendship for entertainment purposes, so watch it.” I don’t do that. Me with just who I am, I’m enough. My life is full, I’m very entertaining, I’m very witty. There’s so many layers to who I am, I don’t have to create drama to get TV time. And if you notice, over seven years, I never started anything, but I’m always the answer to it. I’m gonna answer it, but I never started anything. I don’t do that. Think about it. Go back all seven years, a true Married to Medicine fan, watch and see. I’m the one that’s always under attack. It’s been like that. This year, I just got a couple of people to join me [laughs]. Jackie, Heavenly and Contessa, they just joined in. It’s the nature of the beast and I feel like I deal with things dead on and then I’m done with it.

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