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According to Byron Scott, all is well between him and son Thomas. At least, that’s what he told a follower who inquired about the state of their relationship recently on Instagram.

This is good to hear, because in a recent chat his daughter-in-law Kristen Scott did with Basketball Wives producers for VH1, she gave the impression that things were still sour with everyone involved and it was hurting her daughter, Kensi. She just wanted things to be improved for the child’s benefit.

“Byron and Thomas figuring something out in a positive way so that Kensi gets the opportunity to spend time and know who her grandfather is, that’s all I ever wanted,” she said.

But when a follower inquired about whether or not Byron and Thomas were able to get past all of the drama that the show has brought their family over the last two seasons (including it being exposed that Thomas is not his biological son) Byron responded by telling her that he and Thomas don’t have a problem to fix:

This is all interesting because Kristen has said that her issues with his fiancée, Cece Gutierrez, which would eventually evolve into her issues with Byron after she criticized their lack of a presence in Kensi’s life, have hurt the whole family. If you watched Season 8, it seemed like it. Byron’s daughter, LonDen, took issue with Cece, and Thomas claimed at one point that Cece was with his dad for clout. Things seemed to be getting ugly.

Then there was the whole drama over whether or not Byron had been invited to a dinner with Thomas and Kristen at their home to fix the issues and bailed on it to go to a baseball game. That was the impression Kristen gave, which Byron got online to vehemently deny.

“‘Supposedly’ I was invited to a dinner at their house. Never happened. I was never invited to go to their house for dinner,” he said. “Thomas and I had talked about having dinner together, but it was never at their house. We scheduled a time to go but I had a baseball game, which I did go to, so we made arrangements to have dinner at another time. So for them to go on and portray that I was supposed to come over and I skipped it and went to the baseball game instead of coming over, to try to handle a family situation or a family matter, is ridiculous. I was never invited in the first place. And for Kristen to come on and say that I put the baseball game so to speak over the family, it shows my priorities, it’s crazy as hell. Her always talking about she wants to fix this, she ain’t get close to that. She’s made it worse.”

Still, Bryon says he and his son are fine, which is great to hear. As for Kristen though, she says she is still in the same position with him, and Cece for that matter, that she’s been in for more than a year now — on the outs.

“The title father-in-law, daughter-in-law, is obviously not going away, so we’ll always be that to each other — or I’ll speak for myself. Byron will always be my father-in-law,” she said in that aforementioned VH1 clip. “Clearly he has eliminated me from his life, which is fine.”

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