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being a woman in the workplace

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Historically, men have been the ones more likely to kick up a fuss. They’re the ones who start wars and fight wars. They’re the ones who’ve been getting into bar brawls for ages. If you found a politician or hopeful one standing on either a soapbox or a stage throughout history, promoting new ideas and fighting for new policies, it was likely a man. But, now we know that wasn’t because women didn’t want to do all of those things—it’s because society oppressed us. It still seems to run in the bones and blood of people to believe that women “won’t cause trouble,” and I see it a lot in the employment space. I see those in superior positions believing that women will let them get away with certain behavior that men wouldn’t, and so they do those things and say those things just to women. Truly, they’re taking advantage of the idea that women “shouldn’t” act up. But, we should. Here are ways bosses take advantage of female employees that you shouldn’t stand for.


Unequal pay

This is a big one that we all know is happening. Though on average, the gender pay gap is just shy of 20 percent, it can be worse in certain states and certain industries. If you notice your coworkers in the same position you are, seeming to lead a more luxurious life, do some sniffing around. See if the men are making substantially more. Know this, so you have ground to stand on in asking for a raise.

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