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Earlier this year, YouTuber Biannca Prince gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Millions of other women did the same around the world. But the reason we know Biannca’s name is because of the comments she made minutes after her daughter was born.

Bianca, who’s biracial with green eyes, looked down into her daughter’s face and said, “She’s going to have brown eyes for sure. I had blue eyes when I was born. I thought you were going to have pretty eyes.”

Damien, her Black husband, responded, “She do got pretty eyes.”

The video went viral and in an attempt to do damage control, Biannca and Damien tried to explain that Biannca wasn’t saying her daughters eyes were ugly, she was saying that all of her life she’s been complimented for her green eyes, while people have not remarked on her Black husband’s brown eyes.

It was a rationalization that didn’t address the blatant colorism represented in the statement. To make matters worse, it wasn’t the only time the couple had expressed colorist views. There was a time when Damien, in an argument with a fan, said she sounded like one of those ugly, burnt Black b*tches.

In essence, it’s a problem.

And while we might have assumed that the couple have heeded the criticism and have taken the opportunity to learn and do better, you would be mistaken.

In a new video, Blannca put on a disguise and then picked her husband up in an Uber, pretending to be his driver.

Biannca attempted to dress as a Black woman, in dark makeup. From the moment her transformation began, the problematic comments followed.

“I’m bout to be a ghetto girl. I got to put on the voice.”

They outfitted Biannca in long nails, a multi-colored wig and bamboo earrings. She described herself as a “ghetto girl.” She adopted an exaggerated Blacecent and dubbed herself Bebe Shaquita.

When she picked her husband up, things didn’t improve all that much.

Aside from the fact that this whole prank is likely staged—because how do you request an Uber on an app and then have someone else show up, without realizing that it’s not the person you requested. Not to mention how would she know when her husband requested an Uber. And the voice she used wasn’t distinct enough for him not to recognize it was his wife.

“You are the most ugliest Uber driver I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Meanwhile, this is his wife, same features, them pretty eyes she be talking about, same nose, face shape etc.

The video has been viewed over 3 million times. And for the most part, the commenters love the content. But one woman on Twitter highlighted the problems in a Twitter thread, in addition of some of their history expressing colorist views.

You can watch the problematic moments from the video below.

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