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Physical attractiveness is one of the key factors associated with pursuing a suitable mate. While we know that personality ultimately determines compatibility, we are drawn first to a potential partner by their appearance.
Why is physical attractiveness important? According to Psychology Today, potential mates don’t need to be very attractive, just attractive enough. In other words, just handsome or pretty enough to peak our interest. “And when we make real-life dating and mating decisions, research indicates, physical appearance dominates: We choose to pursue relationships with those who are attractive to us.”

I decided to interview black men on what they are most physically attracted to when it comes to black women:
“One of my favorite parts of a black woman from head to toe order is first her eyes. You can have a full blown conversation with someone without words and really exchange energy with someone through them. Next has to be lips that’s the body part that people have their most intimate exchange with the kiss and all lips are unique as far as plumpness and how big or small they are I think that concept is interesting.” -Charlton Miles|-|@djdivein
“Hands down has to be the clavicle to neck area my eyes follow and trace it, like I’m drawing an art piece; it’s like the anchor/connector of the body to the face. Especially when y’all be having the body glitter stuff and it’s real subtle. I’m like ‘man she is stunning.’ So that’s my favorite part of a black woman’s body.” -Joshua Galloway|30|@thecreativegent_
“I love that the black woman’s body is naturally curvaceous and pronounced in places that can’t be hidden even down to her smile.  Her body shows obvious signs of the love in my culture’s food; there’s no question that she’s well fed! I love a black woman’s skin. I love how smooth her skin is, how well it absorbs sunshine.” Kenneth Anum|30|@Kenny_anum
“My favorite part on the black woman’s body is her hips, because her hips carry the past the present and the future.  The past because of miles walked for freedom. The present because it bares some of life’s greatest gifts. The future because it is the vessel that carries the representation of her soul.“Jason Cole    | 32|@RockitFlyy
“The most attractive body part of a black woman would have to be her eyes. Her eyes tell the story of who she is and how she currently feels. Think about how her eyes light up when she is happy versus how they look when she has a lot on her mind. Her eyes will speak the truth even if her heart and mind are fighting against it. ” Brian Brown|33|@justcallme_mrbrown
“At this point, my favorite part is every part, women are thee most beautiful creation. Besides that, my favorite physical parts are eyes and legs… a woman’s eyes always can tell a story, her story, and it’ll make me want to read into her more. The legs are the vehicle of her journey, and the foundation of all of the things that makes her magical.” -Peter Lemonier|32|@peterperfect09
My favorite body part on a black woman are the hips. No matter what they have on the features of the hips are always prevalent. No only that, I feel like they magnify any outfit that’s presently worn. In addition to being a magnifier they’re also the one feature I think you can’t fake. When I say that I mean you can tell the difference easily between natural and “store brought”. Which makes a big difference to me and a good amount of other men no matter what society may make you assume. “ –   Derek Fredrick|30|@Kaptin_Krunchtime

“First off, black women are wonderfully made, so choosing one part is super tough. Ever go to a candy store and walk out with one piece? No, but that’s what you’re asking me to do so…I’m a sucker for eyes. The shape, the color, the way they are able to communicate so many things non-verbally is amazing. I think of my faves and what their eyes do to me; probably not printable in this space. Honorable mention goes to breasts!” Lionell Gardner |37|@Lonburgundy

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