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31 days of sensuality day 18-24

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Does your p*ssy have a name? Mines is Little Magic.” Her personality is  equal parts wise woman, wild woman and wonderlust! She likes what she likes, and she goes after what she wants. Little Magic is a slow and nasty groove! In the context of a best friend, she is the person that uproots you out of your dry spell and takes you on a fantasy ride!  Little Magic is a creative force. 

Now that my p*ssy has a name and personality, I feel even more connected to her and the power that dwells within! I didn’t know that I needed to name my p*ssy until taking a Sex Magic / Orgasmic Creation workshop with Devi Maisha! “Devi” is a title meaning Goddess and Maisha means New Life – this woman truly embodies her name by being the usher of new life through teaching woman and men how to harness their power through sex magic! Devi has extensive training in Tantra, personal fitness, nutrition, psychology , cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy. She teaches Sex Magic because she  believes that everything we create for ourselves starts in the mind! Here’s a fun fact- the logical portion of your brain shuts down during organism giving  you the ability to release the ego and create what you want to create! 

31 Days of Sensuality

Photography by: Pointedspaces Photography by Imani Schectman @pointedspaces

I’ve been doing this 31 Days of Sensuality Challenge solo, today I asked a few friends  to attend Devi Maisha’s class with me to experience a piece of the sensual freedom that i’ve unpacked thus far! Devi took us through five exercises to help us, harness the power of orgasm to create the life we desire. Orgasms in this context are not connected to physical intercourse or masturbation – we focused on experiencing pleasure by releasing emotions and  taking your sexual energy to transform and create the life that you want. In this, orgasmic creation doesn’t require climax, it requires you to get in an orgasmic state of mind. Sometimes you have to go through your emotions to understand where you lost your power before you can jump into pleasure. This is what we did in Devi Maisha’s workshop. 

Women, we already know what we know, want, and desire. Devi’s job was to pour into us so we can bring it out of us. She created a beautiful space laced with candle lights for us to work through our exercises.

Here’s what we did. 


Photography by: Pointedspaces Photography by Imani Schectman @pointedspaces

Exercise #1: Name your p*ssy: Describe her personality and what she likes. Put your p*ssy on a chair and create a narrative for her through the lens of being your best friend. How does she show up for you? 

Devi’s p*ssy’s name is Wild Cookie ( Jill Scott’s Wild Cookie is the inspo behind this name). Mines is Little Magic. We also met Divine Destiny Diva, Tiger Lilly, Brown Sugar and Lavender. Each of us realized that we are the embodiment of the characteristics we created for our vulva’s.  Other’s of us realized that this power lives within us but we have shut her down. Devi reminded us to connect to our sacral region in order to show up in the world as this more often. This is your power source. Side note: The Vulva is the actual name of your vagina. 


Photography by: Pointedspaces Photography by Imani Schectman @pointedspaces

Exercise #2: Breathe though your vulva – tune into your orgasmic energy. Ladies we have sexual power–using it to get someone to get a new bag, car, outfit and weave is easy to do. But using this power to transform your life , transform the energy of a room or another human being is the truest way to use this power. In this exercise, we laid on the ground and created a diamond shape over our vulva. Through 10 minutes of deep inhales and exhales – we each tuned to the orgasmic energy that comes naturally to us. Devi guided us to get as loud as we needed to- she could sense that many of us were holding back.   Everyone’s breath was different- some were soft moans, others were load roars! Together, we created a synchronized vibrational harmony. As the breath circulated through my body I felt like I was high. I also visualized my future. 

Exercise #3: Saying No and Saying Yes. You can release energy by literally shouting it out of your body. You can create energy by simply shouting it into your body! We did this in a circle. We said no to the things we wished we said no to in the past. We said no for the women in the world who can’t say no – our mothers, our friends, the women who don’t believe they have power!  We said yes to the things we want in our life that we have been afraid to ask for! Yes to your power, yes to what your soul desires, yes to that job and yes to the sex you want! In this exercise we focused on our throat chakra- which connects to your voice. This was the most powerful exercise- there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. When women have difficulty opening their voice and speaking, they usually have difficulty in the space of sex and pleasure. 

Exercise #4: Food as Pleasure. Pleasure as Power. Do you savor your food? Have you ever let the wine tickle your tastebuds? Have you ever let chocolate really melt in your mouth? In this exercise, Devi prepared a dish with fruit, chocolate and wine. She instructed us to blind fold ourselves and experience the food in the most sensual way. Slowly enjoy it. Don’t rush. Smell it. It’s not about being neat, it’s about enjoying the food.  The blind folds allowed us to flow through this experience. In this lesson I realized that too often, we rush through life- through sex- through eating. But when you slow down, you get the chance to be satiated by each and every experience in life. Savor the moment. Savor the journey. Savor the pleasure, you deserve that shit! 

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Photography by: Pointedspaces Photography by Imani Schectman @pointedspaces

Exercise #5: Stripping Away The Sh*t: The blindfolds were my favorite part of the day.  When you can’t see others perception of you, you release your inhibitions. Devi reminded us that there is no thinking – only feeling. We packed on layers of clothes, blindfolded ourselves then danced and took them off. We stripped off the layers to symbolize releasing the things that hold us back.  Strip away everything that no longer serves as the person you are becoming- you are free of it!

Exercise #6:Just Dance: Dance because it feels good. Dance because it feels natural. Dance to shake the load off. Dance because it raises your vibration on all levels! 

The biggest takeaway for me was that orgasmic energy is about the transmutation of energy. This was my experience- here’s what my friends learned in the workshop: 


Photography by: Pointedspaces Photography by Imani Schectman @pointedspaces

P*ssy Name: Devine DestinyDiva– I learned that all the parts that society say we should tone down as a woman is in actuality all the parts we should amplify. Because when we do, we walk in our bodies and our minds with confidence and ownership. 

P*ssy Name: Tiger Lily – I never experienced the joy and magic of being guided on a journey to discovering my sensuality. I have so many unconsciously suppressed and unexamined layers. This workshop help me to start to explore those area and to slow down and take time to own all of my feelings. The biggest ah ha moment happened at the very beginning, which allowed me to be open and receptive to all of the magic. In naming my pussy I realized how disconnected I’ve been from her. And although we share similar characteristics there have been times in my life where I didn’t understand our power and I relinquished it. Now that I am able to see that we are one I can powerfully choose what we want to do and when we are going to do it. 

P*ssy Name: Brown Sugar – I learned that i’m pretty blocked with being fluid with some of my partners and experiences. I’ve apologized in the past to partners during sex when they were the ones that weren’t very good at pleasing me. Why am I apologizing to them? Being more courageous and standing firm in the things I want and deserve — I find it easy to do this during my day-to-day but I definitely am shyer in intimate situations, and I need to stop that, and will. 

 Ladies, tap into your orgasmic creation. You deserve it! 

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