6 Key Lessons From Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Lesson Four: The History and The Power Of Corporation

This is the power of limited liability. By creating a personal corporation, the rich are able to avoid many of the personal taxes the poor face through corporate exemption. However, please note the word avoidance compared to evasion! Avoidance simply means using loopholes in tax laws to your advantage where evasion is simply not paying taxes at all, which is illegal.

By filing as a corporation, the rich are able to mitigate their losses to only the amount they invested in the corporation. They are able to pay taxes after they pay for expenses. For people who have jobs, it’s the opposite case where taxes are taken out of paychecks before one is able to cover expenses.

In Comparison:

The Rich People with Corporations
1.    Earn
2.    Spend
3.    Pay Taxes

The People who work for Corporations
1.    Earn
2.    Pay Taxes
3.    Spend

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