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Are you weary of the ways of Kirk and Rasheeda? Social media seems to be, especially after Monday night’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta part II reunion.

The couple talked about overcoming Kirk’s past misdeeds, as well Rasheeda’s alleged cheating before they said “I do.” But what really left people feeling some type of way were the comments the pair made about Kirk’s struggle to happily co-parent with Jasmine, the mother of his son, Kannon. It wasn’t because of a lack of communication this time around, or Kirk not wanting to be present, but rather, Jasmine wanting him around more.

Jasmine, who wasn’t present for the reunion, said on the show that Kirk has only been a father to their son when the cameras are around. Both Kirk and Rasheeda said during the reunion that that’s not true. Instead, they said the issue is that Jasmine wants him to be present for her son all of the time when he has his own wife and family he’s looking out for and has been looking out for since before she was in the picture.

“I think she expects me to be there like she was in a relationship,” he said. “And she gotta understand, it was something different, and you chose to move forward with the situation, and you gotta kind of deal with it.”

Rasheeda agreed.

“You had a child with a married man and a family. He’s not gonna change his structure for you,” she said. “He never made you think that sh-t from the beginning! So don’t think now that that child is in place that everything is gonna change. It’s not.”

Now, one could expect and understand Rasheeda’s frustration, but then again, she doesn’t truly know what Kirk was telling Jasmine when they were fooling around. This is the same guy who moved Jasmine into the building he and Rasheeda were living after she “chose to move forward with the situation,” as in, not have an abortion, so if it was never anything important or serious to him, why house her at one time, pay her bills and give her that impression without Rasheeda knowing?

I think it’s fine if Rasheeda wanted to stay married to Kirk and work on their relationship, as they certainly have plenty of years already under their belt. However, as she said, because she chose to stay, there are some things she needs to accept about the situation. Aside from just the reality that he has a child with another woman, she needs to also move on from wholly looking at Jasmine as the one who should have known better and done better when it comes to the cheating. Sure, damn near everyone knew that Kirk and Rasheeda were married, as they were on a television show. Still, it was his responsibility to do right by his wife, his family and his “structure,” and not have unprotected sex with someone else. Because he didn’t do that, it’s odd to think it ridiculous that Jasmine might have some expectations of him in reference to their child since he knew what he was doing when he was making Kannon…

With that being said, no, Kirk’s life doesn’t need to do a complete 180 to accommodate Jasmine, but yes, Rasheeda, his life and his structure does need to change in order to accommodate the child who didn’t ask to be here.


Hit the flip to see what Twitter had to say about Kirk and Rasheeda’s feelings about Jasmine and why they’re not changing squat for her or Kannon:

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