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You’ve had your fair share of sex so you think you know everything there is to know about the D, right? Wrong. There are a lot of myths floating around about the love below and it’s time to clear up the lies. Huffington Post outlined some of the top fact about the penis that people get wrong.

You Can Break Your Penis

True, well, sorta. Michael Reitano, a physician in residence at the health care company Ro told HuffPo. Penis fractures are rare, but they do occur,” he said. “It’s usually accompanied by a loud popping sound or a crackling noise and excruciating pain,” he described. Ouch!

“It universally results in a rapid loss of the erection.”

The damage ranges, from tearing blood vessels to severing the urethra. The docs say woman on top and then switching to doggy style is a common way this unfortunate accident happens.

There Is No Such Thing As “Growers”

False! There are some men who are all grow and men who are all show.

“About four of five men are growers and one of five men are showers,” Paul Turek, a urologist who runs the Turek Clinic in San Francisco. told HuffPo.

“What’s important, though, is that smaller, flaccid penises tend to grow more in length when erect than do larger, flaccid penises. It’s nature’s way of bringing a little equality to penis size.”

If His Penis Is Curved, Something Is Wrong

Depends! Bananas come in all shapes and sizes, so do penises. Nothing Is wrong with some curvature, but too much of a bend may indicate there’s a deeper issue.

Peyronie’s disease causes stiffness and thickening of the cylinder that fill with blood that create a hard on.

“Because the affected area doesn’t stretch and expand like the rest of the cylinder lining, it creates an indentation, angle or twist and often with some shortening as well as some softening of the erection,”Aaron Spitz, a urologist and author of The Penis Book: A Doctor’s Complete Guide to the Penis. told HuffPo.

“This can make sex difficult or impossible.”

There Is Correlation Between Shoe Size & Penis Size

False! A 2002 study from the British Journal Of Urology found that the whole “shoe size/penis size” thing has no scientific bearing. Big feet, little penis is totally possible.



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