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Charlamagne, Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

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Charlamagne is one of the few people in the public eye, who has—or had— a relationship with both Wendy Wiliams and her troublesome husband Kevin Hunter. In his memoir, Black Privilege, he writes about working with Wendy, all that he learned from her and the fact that the couple allowed him to live with them during the earlier days of his career. So Charlamagne has a particular insight. And what he says is that all the scandals that we’re learning about now, are things he’s seen time and time again.

Recently on his podcast, The Brilliant Idiots, Charlamagne and his co-host Andrew Schultz discussed the beginning of Kevin’s affair with his former mistress Sharina Hudson, how Kevin has tried to “take his head” and how he hopes Wendy gets help before it’s too late.

Charlamagne: If you’ve been listening to “The Breakfast Club,” you know I’ve been telling y’all little things, here and there. The reason I don’t even rock with Wendy and Kevin anymore is because of Sharina. Sharina was the homie from Columbia, South Carolina. I introduced her to Kev back in the day.

The reason we fell out is because we was all in Jamaica one time. It was a WBLS Getaway. We’re all in Jamaica. Me, Wendy, Kev. He flew his mistress out.

Andrew Schultz: He flew his mistress out there with his wife? Is Wendy aware of this?

Charlamagne: No, not at the time. Not that I know of. But long story short, she wanted to get with Wax. His mistress wanted to get with Wax. Later on down the line, he got mad at me because he said I was trying to hook Wax and Sharina up. So when I say he’s a legendary sucka on some legendary sucks shit. The reason we fell out is because of his mistress. Now mind you, at the time you might have known this girl for maybe a year. Me and you been rocking for three/four years. And you say ‘F*ck him.’ Because you think I’m trying to hook her up with my man.

Now, Wendy doesn’t know this. So when Wendy gets on Elvis Duran’s show and Wendy says, ‘Who?’ in reference to me. Like who is that. Don’t ask me about people I don’t know. I can’t even be mad at Wendy. Cuz I don’t know what the f*ck he told Wendy. It’s not like he went to Wendy and said, ‘Yeah, he tried to hook up my side chick with his man so we don’t f*ck with him no more.’ You didn’t go to her and say that. So it’s no telling what he said to her.

That one of the many reasons I don’t f*ck with him. It’s like bro, that’s not your wife in any way, shape or form. And I wasn’t even trying to hook her up with Wax. They was vibin on their own.

Schultz talks about the particularly heinous nature of Hunter not only cheating but potentially destroying his family dynamic by getting another woman pregnant.

You’ve been with this woman over 11 years.

It’s sad to watch Wendy in this situation because it’s like we’re all watching her fade to black. I keep saying this is in different places. I hope Wendy Williams wakes up before she doesn’t wake up. We’re watching something that’s not going to end well. First of all, all ladies out there, never trust a man who’s 50-years-old who wears full Supreme outfits.

And you know how I know he’s out of touch? You went to Philadelphia, allegedly, to have a baby because you wanted to escape the media. It’s 2019, you f*ckin idiot. It’s no such thing as escaping the media! You go out of the country or get a doula. You thought you could get some privacy in f*ckin Philadelphia? How stupid are you?

I don’t think Wendy deserves… you know I’m not here to say what a person deserves.

I just don’t like to see it play out like this. It gives me bad vibes and it reminds me of why I don’t want to put my wife through anything like that. One of the reasons that I stopped being a m*thaf*cking dirtbag is because I’ve seen so many relationships end like that where the wife gets the life sucked out of her and doesn’t recover.

You’re literally ruining your wife’s life and f*ckin up your bread and butter. Kev has no f*ckin skill set. None, zero, zilch, nada.

And trust me, it’s a lot more to m*thaf*ckin’ come. I keep tellin y’all, I know what you did last summer, Kevin. You, Phillip Jordan, Danny Astoria and Sharina Hudson and one thing you can’t escape is karma.

This is another lesson for me when it comes to karma. Treat people good man. Because I understand how that sh*t can come back to you.

You can’t even keep up with the life that you created for yourself. There’s nothing you can do to escape karma, Kelvin. When I say nothing, nothing. [He has] a lot more coming.

I don’t think this is going to end well if something doesn’t change immediately. and that’s my concern. I want somebody that really cares for Wendy to intervene in a big way. I feel like if you just sit back and watch abuse happen, whether it’s emotionally, mentally, whether it’s physically, you’re enabling it.

You made a choice to be a f*cked up individual and now that energy is coming back to you. And you got to live with that. You got to eat that. And Ima eventually put it in a movie and get paid or put it in a book and get paid. If it doesn’t all unfold. But it’s all unfolding now. All this shit that you’re seeing now, been there, done there, saw it a million times. It’s new to y’all but it’s a rerun to me.

Pray for Wendy if you want to.

I have not talked to her since the day Kevin texted my phone and said, ‘I don’t f*ck with you any more. You did some foul sh*t.’

I didn’t know what the f*ck he was talking about that time.

You supposed to a New York, pimp-type m*thaf*cka and you let a young girl from South Carolina ruin your life. You let her take you for everything.

That m*hf*cka has tried to take my head off a few times in the past decade, like literally tried to take my muhf*ckin’ head off in ways that u’all don’t even understand. That muhf*cka has gotten a couple cease and desists from my lawyer in his lifetime. Time will reveal all. This ain’t no muthaf*ckin sprint for me.

He can’t take off my head. I’m blessed. I’m blessed, Black and highly favored.  I know God moves with me in a different way, He just does. I’m always protected by the whole armor of God. Unrighteousness will never be righteousness. I ain’t perfect but I ain’t you. It’ll all reveal itself shortly.

You can watch his full interview in the video below.

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