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Every year, tons of “Best Places To Travel” lists hit the web, but none of those generic roundups take into account specific character traits that would make those destinations good (or bad) places for travelers to visit. Sensing the need for a more tailored travel guide, Curio Collection by Hilton put together a list of prime destinations around the world based on Zodiac signs. If you’ve ever asked someone “What’s your sign?” in the middle of a conversation or used Mercury’s Retrograde to explain why life suddenly went downhill, this list is for you. The Curio Collection even threw in a few of their hotel locations in these various cities to make sure all of your Zodiac needs are met during your next getaway. Happy clicking and traveling!

El Pailón del Diablo – Baños, Ecuador

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Aries / March 21-April 19 

Independent and courageous, Aries will enjoy destinations that challenge them and push them to extremes. Destinations like Baños, Ecuador and Monteverde, Costa Rica are filled with extreme sports and activities in the vast rainforests, providing travelers with adrenaline and an experience they won’t forget. 

Zodiac Travel Destinations

Source: Curio Collection by Hilton

Taurus / April 20-May 20 

Destinations like the Florida Keys will provide Taureans with the serene, soothing atmosphere that calms the celestial earth sign. With their need to please the senses, Taureans will enjoy restarting with an indulgent, tropical getaway at Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo, relaxing in the lush hardwood hammocks or being pampered at the resort’s divine Greenhouse Salon. 

Boats In River With Buildings In Background

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Gemini / May 21-June 20 

The social butterfly of the zodiac, Geminis can expect to fit right into the local scene no matter where they travel in 2019. Vibrant cultural cities like Mumbai and Bangkok will allow Geminis to intimately interact with friendly locals and learn about a new culture outside of their own. 

Zodiac Travel Destinations

Source: Curio Collection by Hilton

Cancer / June 21-July 22 

Imaginative and sentimental, Cancers should find themselves seeking out experiences to remember for a lifetime. Whether a weekend getaway enjoying Parisian rooftop views at Maison Astor Paris near the Eiffel Tower or a warm, romantic hideaway on the sandy, white beaches of southern Florida at The Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood, Cancers will make memories that last a lifetime this spring. 

Zodiac Travel Destinations

Source: Curio Collection by Hilton

Windows in Colorful Building Exterior

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Leo / July 23-August 22 

A Leo’s inspired and assured nature should guide their travels to a bustling, creative city this spring to experience the energetic arts and culture scene of the locals. Colorful destinations like Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and New York City will pique the interest of a Leo’s admiration for people, life and a good time.  

Zodiac Travel Destinations

Source: Curio Collection by Hilton

Virgo / August 23-September 22 

Calm tropical escapes to St. Lucia, Honduras and Belize will provide Virgos with peace of mind following a busy, hectic and driven winter season. The Virgo’s mind will take a break from constant analyzing and thinking on the sandy, white beaches of Belize at a resort such as Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club

Rainbow Bridge spanning Tokyo Bay with Tokyo Tower visible in the background , Japan

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Libra / September 23-October 22 

Always gravitating toward the beautiful aspects of life through art, style and music – Libras will bring their balanced aura to cities that reflect their interests and liking this spring. Getaways to Barcelona or Tokyo will provide Libras with a fashionable, eclectic environment in which they thrive, full of friendly people to connect and build relationships with.  

Sacramento Fall Sunrise Along The River

Source: Mike Perry – / Getty

Scorpio / October 23-November 21 

Scorpios are unafraid to take the path less traveled and find themselves gravitating towards exciting and unique destinations. Their enthusiastic nature and willingness to try anything will lead Scorpios to emerging travel destinations around the world this year, such as Sacramento, California or Colombo, Sri Lanka, that have seen an influx of new tourists over the past few years. 

Group Of People In City By Harbor

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Sagittarius / November 22-December 21 

Deemed the ‘traveler’ of the zodiac, Sagittarians thrive when exploring with friends and adventuring to new places. Just as Jupiter is among the other planets, Sagittarians are always the most positive people in the room. Destinations like Reykjavik Konsulat Hotel in Iceland or West Hotel Sydney in Australia will allow Sagittarians to thrive in some of the happiest regions on earth that exude the same energy they channel every day. 

Mexico City panoramic view from observation deck

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Capricorn / December 22-January 19 

Ambitious, patient and organized, Capricorns thrive when they plan trips themselves and pack their agendas tight with plenty to see, do and eat. Capricorns should channel their hardworking nature from work to vacation this spring and propose a getaway to a metropolitan area with endless things to add into their itinerary like Mexico City, Bogotá or Shanghai.  

Hamburg River

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Aquarius / January 20-February 18 

Aquarians’ independent and imaginative nature will always lead them to dreaming of a number of travel destinations, though they may find it difficult to follow through in planning. Aquarians should take this season to plan out a trip to a destination that is great for solo travelers, such as Hamburg, Germany or Amsterdam, which will allow them to pack a full itinerary just for them. 

Neighborhood talk and pub crawl with SPD leader Nahles

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Pisces / February 19-March 20 

Always looking to escape reality, every Pisces is already planning their next trip abroad. Pisces love to get lost in a city’s creative scene, escaping the day-to-day and immersing themselves in their surroundings. Berlin and San Francisco will provide Pisces with this temporary getaway from reality and stimulate their creative side. 

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