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Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to be in one out of fear or social pressure. Many times, women feel like they have to be in a relationship because it’s expected of them, when in reality they really should just be single.

Choosing to be single takes a lot of maturity, which can often lead to taking the necessary time to work on oneself without the distractions that relationships can sometimes bring.

If you’re toying with the idea of being single for awhile, but aren’t sure it’s for you, check out our list of signs to help you make the right choice. Besides, it’s still the start of the year, and that means it’s the perfect time for change!

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You’re Afraid Of Being Alone

The fear of being alone is one the main reasons why so many people get into relationships that they really shouldn’t be in at all. Everyone should be alone at least once in their lives without the constant presence of another person.

The initial thought of it may seem scary, but once you step out on faith and outside of your comfort zone, you’ll realize that being alone for a period of time can be the best thing you’ve ever done.


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You Date Because Of Pressure From Others

We all get it at some point. The constant pressure from family, friends and co-workers to date. This pressure generally comes from a well-meaning place, but it quickly spirals into making you feel like you’re incomplete without a mate.

So, the next time someone in your life is hounding you about dating, be honest and let them know that you are taking the time to work on yourself. No one should have any negative opinions about such an honest statement.

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You’re Unsure If You Want A Relationship

Uncertainty in a relationship can kill it before it has a chance to truly prosper. If you are having doubts about being boo’d up, chances are you’re not ready for such an intense commitment.

Use the uncertainty you feel as fuel to figure out what it is you truly want out of life…and outside of a relationship. You’re saving yourself and others from potential heartbreak this way.

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You’re On The Rebound From A Relationship Gone Wrong

Being on the rebound is one of the most dangerous places to be because you can easily slip into unhealthy behaviors to make yourself feel better after a relationship goes wrong.

It also causes those you are rebounding with to get hurt and caught up in drama that they have absolutely nothing to do with. Channel your rebounding feelings into some sort of other activity, not getting into relationships that are doomed from the start.

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You Have A Lot Of Personal Baggage

If you’ve been in enough relationships, you’re bound to have accumulated some sort of baggage along the way. The thing is, many of us aren’t aware of the baggage we carry until the person we’re in a relationship with points it out.

Not only is carrying your personal baggage into your relationships unfair to the other person, it also presents an inability for you to heal from your hurt because it’s not being addressed, but ignored instead.


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You Have A Bad Relationship History

If you have a history of jumping from one bad relationship to another, you definitely need to take step back from dating as a whole and try to find out why.

Speaking to a professional could possibly help you get to the root of why you are repeatedly choosing the same type of people to get into relationships with. Additionally, it may be you who is the toxic one in relationships and you can get to the bottom of it in part, by being single for a bit.

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You Use Relationships As Band-Aids

No, being in a relationship isn’t going to magically make all of your other problems go away. In fact, it can create even bigger ones because you jumped into a relationship with someone hoping they will make you feel better, but only you can do that.

You must address the source of the hurt before you can heal from it, and as tempting as it may be to get into a relationship with someone to take your mind off things, it likely won’t help matters in the long-run.

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You Have A History Of Moving Too Fast

New love is one of the most powerful drugs known to man, and it can make you do some crazy things, like moving too fast.

If you have a history of operating at the speed of light where relationships are concerned, being single may be just what you need to learn to pace yourself. While you’re single, take note to savior every moment with yourself and carry that over into your next relationship.

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You’re Dating Just To Date

It could be partially due to boredom, partially due to fearing being alone and lastly, not wanting to face the judgement of others. Whatever the reason is, if you’re dating just to date, you’re doing all parties involved a huge disservice.

Instead, step back from the dating game for a bit and just enjoy being single and fabulous. You’ll be surprised at how freeing you’ll feel when you learn to enjoy being unattached.

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You Need To Work On “You”

This is undoubtedly the best reason of all to be single. Taking time to work on yourself, and stepping away from relationships is something that more of us should do, it would eliminate many of the issues we often face.

Also, never let anyone make you feel like working on yourself is a selfish move because it’s not. It’s actually the opposite because you don’t want to waste someone else’s time while you’re trying to become the best you can be.

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