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It’s easy to fall into a routine with your long-term partner. You have the same menu every week. You go to the same restaurants. You do the same chores every Sunday afternoon. You show each other you love each other—of course—throughout these regular days and errands, through little touches and sweet words. But it can seem like there’s just no time for real romance. Or, it can feel like being romantic is something that’s only to be done occasionally, but when it’s done, it’s expensive, and almost seems like it came from a pre-made templates. You know what I mean—roses, dinner at that date spot everyone goes to, and special sex (aka not your usual quicky). Being romantic doesn’t have to fall into the category of expensive, predictable, or over the top. In fact, when you find ways to be romantic outside those restrictions, you can be so, more often. For Creative Romance Month, here are unique ways to show your love.


Love notes on the car

When someone walks to his car and sees a piece of paper on the windshield, he assumes it’s an angry note from a neighbor or a parking ticket. It’s pretty sweet to discover it’s just a love note from one’s partner.


Send a formal date invitation

Rather than the usual, “Wanna have dinner Friday?” text, send a formal date invitation. Have one designed. Make it fancy. Give it those little gates, like the ones you see on wedding invitations.


Pretend kidnap your love

Next time you know your partner has a free day, blindfold him and tell him you’re kidnapping him. Drive him somewhere special—maybe to the top of the city or the place you met. Take him somewhere he’s always wanted to go but never had the chance to.


Make them lunch

It’s such a simple gesture and yet we rarely do it for our partners—just making lunch. It’s so nice to wake up, thinking you’ll have another boring lunch from the cafeteria at the office, to find your partner has made you a homemade lunch to-go.


Write a letter

Nobody writes letters anymore, but everybody is excited to get one. So write a letter to your partner telling him how much your relationship means to you. Tell him all the things you love about him. Recall some of your best moments.


Make a care package

Just make a care package of your partner’s favorite things. That could be M&Ms, kombucha, shaving cream, and his favorite car freshener.


Use body paint to make art

I’ll admit I learned this one from a friend. Paint yourselves in body paint, and roll over a blank canvas together (or do something, um, else on the canvas). Now you have a piece of artwork made together, quite literally.


Make a powerpoint presentation

It’s nerdy but adorable. Make a power point presentation, with photos from throughout your relationship, documenting your love. Accompany each one with funny or heartfelt captions.


Pick him up from work

It’s somehow so special when someone you love picks you up from work. Even if neither of you has a car, just meeting your partner at work to take the bus home with him is so sweet.


Make favor coupons

Make a favor coupon booklet. It can have coupons for cleaning your partner’s dishes, giving him a back rub, or sexual stuff…


Fly in a friend

If you can afford it, fly in a friend or family member your partner really loves but never gets to see (or split the ticket with them).


Turn the bathroom into a spa

Clean the tub so it’s spotless. Fill it up with scented bubble bath and put some other treats in it. Add flower pedals. Make fruit-infused water and put the pitcher with some glasses on a little table. Roll up towels and put lavender on them. Turn your restroom into an oasis.


Start a fantasy savings

Is there something you two would like to buy together? A cruise trip? Tickets to a concert? A piano? Decorate a pretty jar and make it your fantasy savings jar. Add to it when you can.


Eat on the roof

There’s something adventurous about eating on the roof. It makes you feel like teens again. If you have access to (and it’s safe to get there) your roof, pack a picnic, and set the area up nicely in advance for your partner.


Give an outfit

Just like you see in the movies, buy your partner the perfect outfit to wear for a special day you’ve planned. Leave it on the bed, in a nice box, with a little note asking him to wear it for your adventure.

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