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women supporting each other

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Men may think that just because women don’t get into as many yelling matches or physical brawls as they do that we’re all nice to each other. They’d be gravely mistaken. In fact, women can spew the worst venom of all at each other: the subtle neg. Negs are the worst because they’re never outright insults, so the person being insulted doesn’t really have an opening to say, “That was rude.” Negging matches between women can sometimes go on for a while for this very reason. Nobody is really saying what they mean. It’s just mean comments covered up by fake compliments, back and forth, until a winner is determined. Just kidding, nobody wins a negging battle. Everyone just leaves frustrated and hurt. Unfortunately, here are subtle ways women neg each other.


Adding b*tch after a compliment

“Who is this skinny b*tch” or “Well aren’t you a boss b*&ch” are just some examples of this neg. When a woman sees a woman who has something she wants (a slimmer figure, a promotion), she’ll point out that positive thing, but add b*tch at the end—just so it’s not totally a compliment.

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