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Winter can put you in the mood to only want to stay indoors until spring (and sunshine and warmth) kicks in, but there are plenty of ways to keep it sexy in the snow when you’re in a relationship. Enter a collection of winter date ideas we’ve put together that are a fun and flirty mixture of creative, adventurous, memorable and totally romantic. Check out our picks and let us know some of your favorite winter date night activities in the comments.

Make time for love

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City Carriage Ride

Now before you think that you’ll freeze to death as you ride around the city exposed, you can breathe a sigh of relief because a generous supply of blankets are recommended for this date night excursion that’s all about the scenery.

You and your boo can cuddle up together and enjoy the beautiful night lights of the city, while you sneak some kisses to warm you up. This is a cheap yet super romantic date that is ripe for creating memories.


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Indoor Picnic

Who says picnics are only reserved for the warm, sunny days of spring and summer? Sure, you may not be able to enjoy it outside, but with a little creativity, you can still have a winter picnic. Simply move the location inside, complete with lit candles everywhere, some sprinkled rose petals and a feast that is filled with your favorite foods that you feed to each other. Romantic is an understatement for this date night idea.

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Couples Cooking Class

Activities are more fun when you can share the experience as a couple. In this case, it involves cooking. Cooking classes are generally always fun because they allow you to learn something new without taking yourself too seriously.

A couples cooking class gives you the opportunity to be close to each other, while you prepare a meal you can recreate later at home. It’s little moments like these that serve as the backdrop to a great relationship.

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Sunset Hot Chocolate For Two

Few things are as romantic as a sunset, the only thing better is when you experience a sunset with your special someone. For a winter date idea, combine the sunset with some hot chocolate and you’re good to go.

You can build a fire to watch the sunset or just grab a couple of blankets and sit outside or on the back of your car. Also, bring a variety of hot chocolate flavors to keep the date interesting.

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Create “Love” Coupons

It’s very important to keep the magic alive within a relationship, which usually means that you need to utilize your creative side. Enter the creation and use of “love” coupons.

“Love” coupons are coupons you create to initiate a romantic or intimate gesture between you and your boo. They can range from the sweet (preparing your boo’s favorite meal) to the seductive (perform a striptease for you significant other) and you can create and turn in as many as you like.


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Ice Skating

This signature winter activity is also one of the best ways to spend date night. Going ice skating is a fun time to be had by all, even if you can’t exactly skate like the pros.

The best part is that you can find ice skating practically anywhere, including both indoor and outdoor rinks. So, bundle up, get your balance and have fun!

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A Romantic Cabin Getaway

It’s as romantic as it sounds. Using the cold winter weather as an excuse to rent a cozy cabin in the woods or the mountains, is about as perfect of a winter date idea as you can get.

You can choose any type of cabin you like, from the upscale, expensive ones to those that are more quaint and cozy. The only objective is to spend some quality time with your boo…and keep each other really warm.

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Ultimate Netflix And Chill

We’re all familiar with regular Netflix and chill, as it has become a national past time for couples. However, for the icy temps of winter you have to up the ante.

First, you should make a selection of your favorite sexy or romantic movies to watch. Next, wear only your sexiest bedroom attire to turn the heat up. Finally, set the scene for ultimate romance, that means, wine, candles, rose petals and lots of delicious finger foods to play with. See how long you and your boo last before Netflix is being totally ignored…

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Sexy Game Night

There’s game night and then there’s sexy game night, one is guaranteed to lead to some memorable bedroom activities.

For your sexy couples game night, you can play regular games (think Twister, UNO, etc.,) but make sure you implement some fun rules for losers…and winners. These rules can include stripping out of your clothes when you lose and/or making the loser do something you suggest when you win. Have fun!

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Escape To Somewhere Warm

If you and your boo are simply over the frigid winter temps, then you can have the ultimate date night by escaping to somewhere warm.

If you have the time you can take a full vacation to your favorite tropical spot. If not, take a quick weekend vacay to the nearest warm destination. After being alone together amongst the warm weather, you’ll be feeling more romantic than ever.

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