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Dating has evolved  immensely in the age of dating apps, online dating sites, and social media platforms. As people become more accessible, the ways in which we dismiss, break up with or ghost out of relationship has become more creative–and I don’t mean that in a positive way. The lack of human to human contact lets people off the hook of human decency, and these new dating trends are proof of our culture of dispensability.

Yahoo Style UK asked Eugénie Legendre, a representative for dating app Happn,  about all the new dating trends you should look out for this year if you are fishing in the sea:


This is the dating trend of being with someone, but being hidden from the person’s friends, family and the public eye.

“If you aren’t being introduced to his or her friends and family within months of spending time together, then it might be time to open your eyes because you have been pocketed,” explains Legendre.

Cookie Jarring

This is the act of keeping a back-up person in the background in the case your long term, committed relationship doesn’t work out.

“Give yourself time to get to know someone without the influence of anyone else and if things just don’t work out, then that’s okay – try to understand why and learn from it could give you valuable insight into what you are looking for in the next potential candidate for your affection.


Is the person you’re seeing hot and cold? They may be a prowler. These people come on strong, disappear, and come back right before you let them go without an explanation.

“This right here is what we call a prowler, toying around with people’s emotions, so keen to hunt you down one minute but then there’s no trace of them the next. The prowler is always more hassle and hurt than they are worth,” Legendre told Yahoo.


These people may periodically text you “WYD” or like and comment on your Instagram pictures, but never make any real moves to be in your life.

“If someone is not quite in your life and not quite entirely removed, then it is likely you are being orbited,” explains Legendre.


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