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Though it may seem easy, letting someone know how you feel about them in a romantic way can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. Allowing yourself to be totally vulnerable by putting your feelings front and center takes a lot of courage.

Despite their outer confidence, some men have trouble truly expressing how they feel about a special woman in their life, which means you have to pay attention to the signs. If you suspect that the special man in your life wants to be more than friends, but you aren’t sure, check out our list of tell-tale signs to give you a clear answer.

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He Pays Attention To The Details

Recognizing and remembering the small details of your life is a sign that not only does this guy care about what’s going on with you, he also wants to take things to another level.

If he can recall the details of specific conversations, things you like/don’t like or what food always makes you feel better, you might want to go ahead and snatch him up as your boo.


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He Always Initiates Physical Contact

One of the biggest signs that he wants more than a friendly relationship is when he simply can’t keep his hands off you.

If he always initiates physical contact, in the form of touching hands, arms around the shoulders, facial caresses, etc., he’s letting you know albeit subtly that he wants to take things further.

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He Compliments You All The Time

There are compliments and then there are compliments. It’s easy to compliment someone when they’re dressed in their best from head to toe, but it means a lot more when the compliments are always forthcoming.

If he compliments you with just as much frequency and enthusiasm while you’re wearing sweats as when you’re wearing a gown, then he’s showing you that he thinks you look beautiful at all times.

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He Communicates With You Throughout The Day

Those “good morning” and “goodnight” text messages and phone calls are cute, but when he really wants to be more than friends he communicates with you all day long.

Whether sending you positive emails to get you through the day, texting you funny GIFs or calling you during your lunch break to catch up, this behavior is crystal clear in his intentions for wanting more.

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You Frequently Catch Him Staring At You

Stolen glances and lingering looks are two of the most passive ways to let someone know you’re interested in them romantically, but that doesn’t make them any less valid.

Pay attention to how often you catch him staring at you, chances are it’s probably pretty frequently, which means that you’re so beautiful to him he can’t seem to focus on anything else around.


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He Doesn’t Like When You Mention Other Guys

Have you noticed those little peeks of jealousy he displays whenever you mention other guys? Um yeah, that’s solely because he wants to be the only man who has your interest and hopefully your heart.

However, pay attention to the level of jealousy to ensure that there are no signs of troubling behavior that you should be concerned about in the future.

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He’s Nervous Around You At Times

Taking it back to grade school when boys would get all nervous with sweaty palms when they liked a girl, that’s exactly what may happen when he likes you enough to want to be more than friends.

If you notice his nervous behavior at times when he’s around you, it’s because he’s likely fighting with his feelings and the overwhelming urge he feels to let you know what he really wants.

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He Always Plans Things To Do Together

Friends hangout all the time doing fun things, but if he puts a lot of effort to plan things for you all to do together (almost like a date) then there is a reason why.

He’s making plans with you because he wants to impress you enough in the hopes that things will finally progress to the official couple level that he wants.

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He Wants To Know Your Story

If he wants to get below the surface of who you are and really know your life’s story, he’s proving that he cares about you as a person and desires a deeper connection than just friends.

You should also pay attention to how good of a listener he is when you reveal yourself to him, a good listener is a very important trait in a mate.

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He Never Mentions Other Women

Take note, he may mention a lot of things, but if he never mentions or shows interest in other women, there is an obvious reason why.

In case you still don’t get it, he doesn’t mention other women because the woman he wants is right in front of him. He’s giving you his full attention for a reason, it’s up to you what you do with it.

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