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making a little extra money

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If you’re in a relationship, and you need to make some extra income, the very fact that you’re coupled up could be a financial benefit. There are a lot of jobs that require two people to complete. There are also some roles that are specifically best for couples. If your need to make extra money is due to a relationship financial goal—like buying a house together, being able to afford to move out of your apartment, having children, or starting a joint retirement fund (or something fun like traveling the world)—then it’s only appropriate that you make that money together. Plus, working with your partner can be fun. Usually, work and relationship time are separate, and you have to wait to get home from your job to see your honey. When you take on a gig with your partner, then that simply isn’t true. In addition to doing some relationship-strengthening budgeting, you can also earn extra income together. Here are fun ways to make money as a couple.

making a little extra money

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Open house plant couples

Realtors understand that people want things other people want. Pre-existing demand drives up more demand. That’s why some realtors will hire couples to walk around their open house, commenting on how great it is, and pretending to be interested buyers in order to entice real buyers.

making a little extra money

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Have a B&B

If you have a spare room, consider having a bed and breakfast in your home. It’s actually pretty easy work. Just keep your home clean, have some yummy breakfast goods on hand, and thoroughly vet guests so you know you can trust them. Be willing to offer some tourist’s tips and a smile, and you’ll get five stars and a little extra money.

making a little extra money

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Pet/house sit

House sitting is more fun with your partner, and some families explicitly like when a couple—as opposed to a single woman—looks over their home. They believe that scares off intruders more than a sole individual.

making a little extra money

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Thrifting and selling

Does one of you have an eye for treasures and the other a knack for selling? Combine your powers to make money. The one with the eye can go to thrift stores and find treasure that cost pennies but are worth hundreds, while the one with the sales skills can sell these online.

making a little extra money

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Run a photo booth

Everyone loves a photo booth with funky costumes at weddings and special events. These usually require two people to efficiently run them and if the photo booth is at a wedding, it only makes sense that a loving couple would run it.

making a little extra money

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Magician and assistant

If you learn some basic party tricks or your partner does, then you can be a cute magician and assistant duo for kids’ birthday parties. Parents seem more comfortable hiring couples than, for example, single men.

making a little extra money

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Start your own tours

If you know your city better than anyone, then offer tours. Through sites like AirBnb Experiences, you can list your quirky, unique experience for AirBnb guests to sign up for. Set your own prices, and AirBnb just takes a small commission.

making a little extra money

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Auction plants

Auctions often need a few bidders to get the bidding rolling, and couples can be great plants for these, too. Solo plants can be too obvious, but couples are believable. Just put in some bids to make the other real customers bid higher. You’re never actually held responsible for buying anything.

making a little extra money

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Stock photography

Photographers of stock photography often need couples for their shoots. They don’t have the money to pay the high rates of actors who know how to pretend to look at each other lovingly, but are happy to pay a real couple with real chemistry $200 to $400 a day.

making a little extra money

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Art gallery plants

Art galleries, like auctions and open houses, often need a few people to wander around and look interested in the pieces, in order to entice real buyers.

making a little extra money

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RA relief

If you live near a university or college, some of the dorms may be hiring relief couples for the residential assistants. Essentially, you work for infrequent but long shifts—like Friday night to Sunday morning—so the regular RA can take a break. All you have to do is keep the kids in order and you can make around $700 to $800 a weekend.

making a little extra money

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Models for art classes

When an art class is studying the human form (aka naked bodies), sometimes they want to draw couples embracing and interacting. Singles who don’t know each other may not be comfortable with this, so a real couple is perfect.

making a little extra money

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Sell your things

You probably both have a ton of things you could sell, and have been meaning to get rid of. You fill up your weekends with other plans, so you never go through them or host a yard sale. Make a deal to spend a whole weekend picking out things to sell and another weekend hosting a yard sale.

making a little extra money

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Focus groups

Some focus groups need couples for couple-specific products. Yes, some may be sexual, but you do the actual testing in the privacy of your bedroom.

making a little extra money

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Rent your extra room

If you have a spare room, consider renting it out. You won’t get your place all to yourselves but it’s a passive way to make potentially $600 or more a month.

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