Morning, Noon & Night: Here Is The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex

December 10, 2018  |  

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Everyone has different times when they feel in the mood for sex, but according to studies, there are some scientific correlations between the time of day, time of month and likelihood of having good sex.

A study conducted in 2017 by the Forza Supplements revealed the best time of day to get it on is right in the morning. Don’t let the morning breathe turn you off! According to the research it’s when most people feel more “energetic,” and hormonally, it’s when estrogen and testosterone are at their highest. Think about it, you ever roll over and feel a little “poke coming through” from your partner? Physically, they are ready to go. Don’t let good wood go to waste.

Another good time to get it on, for heterosexual couples, is around 3:00pm, hormone expert Alisa Vitti told

According to Vitti, this is the time of day men and women are most “in tune with each other’s sexual and emotional desires.”

Afternoon sex makes even more sense, when you bring evolution into play. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher told Brides that early humans didn’t have sex at night like many of us do because its was too dark.

Night sex came after the invention of fire, Fisher explained. Her research states, that our forefathers usually indulged in an afternoon delight.

“They would wake up, eat, have sex, and then socialize,” she told Well + Good.

Aside from time of day, there is also a time of month that is optimal for sex. A small study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found the clitoris grows 20% larger on day 14 of your menstrual cycle. Bigger clit….bigger orgasms, go figure. Keeping calendar watch and checking to see when you are biologically more sensitive to a big O may not be such a bad idea.


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